Learning by Playing Spielend lernen Mensch Ärgere dich nicht Ludo SUBTITLED

Hello and welcome on my channel. With me you can learn German and in this video I’ll show you how in German “Ludo not” play can. Or how to say also in German may, “LUDO”. So, before you, you see already the game board. The whole here is the game board. These are the starting […]

GM Hikaru Nakamura (2893) vs FM Alexis Vargas Arteaga (2369) | Chess.com

nakamura vamos a quitar las 6 de este muchacho white bah ba ba [Música] piso no no no y lo que fuere aquí t en el código de la edición estoy concentrada y sin sí con seis éxitos en x y futura verdad con dr para toni guau si se está calculando de esta variante […]

Chess | World Ahoy 1×02

Many years ago there lived in India a rich and powerful king The king dearly loved his son who was a great warrior But one day his son died in a terrible battle The king was so sad that he locked himself up in his room… and wouldn’t come out All the wise men in […]