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Quel est ce mot de 8 lettres ? – Jeu de réflexion

What is this 8-letter word ? Letter by letter … guess the word ! You have to guess a 8-letter word. Oh, it ‘s a long word. Yes, but I’m sure that you know it.Go ahead, say a letter. P like Pipoiv. There isn’t any. One plastic cap less. Oh. I will lose when there […]

Learning by Playing Spielend lernen Mensch Ärgere dich nicht Ludo SUBTITLED

Hello and welcome on my channel. With me you can learn German and in this video I’ll show you how in German “Ludo not” play can. Or how to say also in German may, “LUDO”. So, before you, you see already the game board. The whole here is the game board. These are the starting […]