Kingscrusher revisits Sicilian Sveshnikov inspired by Magnus Carlsen reawakening interest

The featured game today has a Sicilian Sveshnikov opening variation. Hi all. I had a rather interesting chess match last night in the North Circular Chess League. My opponent was John Hodgson so we were away at at Wanstead Chess Club They are our closest rival in the league so far in the league we […]

Kingscrusher Chess Tactic Snacks 1 || A stunningly brilliant fun interactive course at Chessable!

Hi all. I’m delighted to share with you today a peek inside of Kingscrusher’s tactic snacks 1. So first edition this is a new course at Chessable which can help you train your tactics your pattern recognition. So these are good questions to ask before considering this course. Do you like checkmate puzzles? So all […]

Secrets of Chess Tactics | Interference Tactic Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Hi all, let’s have a look at the Interference chess tactic today. I believe in the wider sense interferences what it says on the tin you’re interfering with something in the chess sense it’s the connection I feel between two squares. This is the notion which really helps me in a practical sense when playing […]

Secrets of Chess Tactics | Decoy Tactic Stunningly beautiful secrets revealed | Everything you need!

Hi all I would like to go over with you today an importance tactical theme – the theme of the chess decoy now you can find a variety of tactical themes by the way on category tactics weaknesses to exploit so this currently has a few of these tactical themes and the one we’re going […]

Secrets of Chess Tactics | Queen Sacrifices! | Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Hi all. I’ve put together some amazing Queen sacrifice examples for you on So if you want to find this head to register if you haven’t already , log in , the improve menu and there’s puzzle books and you’ll find Queen sacrifices as one of the books which is pretty cool. Now […]