Amazing Chess Game: Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky 1972 Game 6 – Queens Gambit – Brilliancy!

Hi all, This is Fischer vs Spassky game six from the 1972 World championship match held in Reykjavík Iceland Fischer playing White shocked everyone in the World by playing c4 He had only on .. one or two occasions before played this move. One was a game against Polguavsky which ended up in a draw […]

Amazing Game: Kasparov’s Immortal Game – Garry Kasparov vs. Veselin Topalov (

Okay … This is a classic encounter – Kasparov versus Topalov Wikanzee 1999 A brilliant game by Kasparov e4 was played Topalov replied d6 so we have a kind of Pirc defence emerging after Nc3 here g6 .. Bishop e3 Bishop g7 Kasparov plays rather crudely now trying to exchange off this fianchettoed bishop and […]

Amazing Chess Game : Bobby Fischer vs Mikhail Tal – 1959 – Sicilian Defence – Najdorf (B90)

Okay this game is Fischer versus Tal in the Candidates tournament of 1959 Fischer wasn’t quite ready for the likes of Tal at that time and it was an interesting game nevertheless and shows Tal’s fine attacking technique Tal was playing Black so Fischer played e4 against him and Tal played the Sicilian defence Now […]