[Sub][Remind 31] Cardfight!! Vanguard Shinemon Arc – Three Idols?/Shin Nitta

Hello. I’m Shin Nitta. It’s very difficult to make TV anime. Case in point, we finished our story arc in last week’s episode, but still had one more episode scheduled. Still, no need to worry. Thinking this might happen, I prepared a special episode where I’m the main– Hold it right there! I, Shinemon Nitta, […]

GALAXY HidE and Seek Cover by Shizukoe – Love Live! Sunshine!! AZALEA (English Sub)

Perhaps the real me was born on a place not on this Earth I’ve always been lonely… where is the one that understands my heart? Ah, in this maze… I’m all alone! “I’m here!” I can hear someone’s voice say Please, guide me with that gentle voice! With just that, it seems like I can […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ● Schmirko VS Shadow Lord ✯ Real Life Duel Movie TRAILER (HD)

The wise man knows that one swallow doesn’t make a summer! Well well! So you are the guardian I’ve heard so much about. And what I want from you? Simple: One duel… and your soul! I will force you to a duel! Think carefully if you want to refuse! You don’t scare me with your […]

[Sub][Remind 30] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – A New Vanguard

Remind 30 A New Vanguard Rive Shindou Rive isn’t dead. I’m sure he’ll come back. It doesn’t feel real yet, but we have to face the facts. Nothing turned up at the site of Ryuzu Lab. At the very least, Rive Shindou’s body is nowhere to be found on Earth. Chrono doesn’t remember anything. That […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2nd Place Evolutions VIII Rokket Dragon Links Deck Profile

They call me Bagooska Because I always want to sleep The idea is that its a good extender Don’t need to Could have added Droll & Lock Of course. If I would change something in the deck would remove sanaphond Sanaphond is good, but I didn’t use him in the tournament

ANIME REVERSE QUIZ [Very Easy – Easy] [Part 1]

Anime Reverse Quiz

[Sub][Remind 29] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – To Capital Again

I have been waiting for you, Shinemon Nitta! The final match of the Asia Circuit, Nitta versus Kanzaki, is about to begin! H-Hey… Stand up… Stand up… Stand up… …Vanguard! 10 years later Shinemon Nitta is… …currently… Cut it out! No, not there… Misaki… Manager Stand Up Is the world ending?! Everything’s blurry! Hello? Manager, […]

【ASMR】おそうじしながら、ささやきトーク【Cleaning Sound】

Good evening​love-chan here​Let’s start right away​Today we’ll clean this​Our faithful​Random Word Generator​As a token of gratitude​I want to clean the Random Word Generator​In this space,​you might think there isn’t much​because everything is data​but virtual dirt piles up​Like electrons and garbage data​That’s why,​today,​let’s enjoy the sounds of cleaning​and whispering​By the way,​are you familiar with the Random […]

[Sub][Remind 28] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Our Wings

Welcome to Earth… …Malkuth-melekh! Is this actually real?! Now what?! I suspect… Even rear-guards?! …this is entirely linked to the fight occurring right now! Tatsuya?! What a wonderful night! Welcome, Angel Feather units! Remind 28 Our Wings Malkuth-melekh, I want you to bring Papa and Mama back to life! I know. There’s a price, right? […]