Fright Hype | “Furry Beasts” | Crypt TV Culture

(dramatic music) (gun firing) (gun firing) (pot shattering) (angry growling) (wheels screeching) (upbeat music) – A scamp is someone who is mischievous or roguish in a likable way. This week, Crypt TV premieres “Scamp”, and introduces the titular, furry, little creature to their monster universe. With that in mind, I thought I’d introduce you guys […]

Child’s Play 2 (1990) KILL COUNT

Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies. I’m James A. Janisse and today we’re continuing the Chucky franchise with Child’s Play 2, released in 1990. After the original film was such a box-office success, it was clear that a sequel was going to get made. […]