RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 2: Welcome to Beacon | Rooster Teeth

There’s a point where it tips There’s a point where it breaks There’s a point where it bends And a point we just can’t take Anymore There’s a line that we’ll cross And there’s no return There’s a time and a place No bridges left to burn Anymore We can’t just wait with lives at […]

Game Grumps Animated – You Can’t Have Snake


(PANICO) Oh mio dio è caduta la saponetta! Scappate! Potresti raccogliere la mia saponetta? Ma certo! Ora mi chino e te la raccolgo mi scuserai se ti do le spalle! (risatina) Accipicchia è proprio in basso questa saponetta! Sono proprio inchinato davanti a grandi principi! Ecco qui la tua saponetta! Grazie dolcezza! (SMACK) Salve a […]

RWBY Chibi, Episode 21 – Cinder Who? | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Ruby: Weiss, Weiss! Look! I got us friendship bracelets! Weiss: [sighs] Alright Ruby, put it here. *sounds of metal clinking* Weiss: [ ! ] Ruby: [Shivering] Weiss: My dearest Winter, My time at Beacon is going well thus far. Unfortunately, I was not selected to be team leader, But worry not! Our team […]

Ted Bear – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

[ tribal music ] Hi! You didn’t see me there. You know why? Because I’m Ted Bear. If you want to survive like me, you’ve gotta have a sharp wit, endurance, good looks and a backpack full of ingenuity. I’ve got mine on, both straps. Try to keep up! Here’s the scenario. You’re on an […]

How to treat a SNAKE BITE

SACHIN: On this cool evening, I will enjoy a stroll! Screaming It is good if you were able to notice the colour, body scales, head or any special characteristic of the snake which bit you. But if you missed it, need not worry. Remember don’t waste time in catching or seeing the snake. It’s not […]

Cuphead the Musical (feat. Markiplier, NateWantsToBattle & Jacksepticeye) [by Random Encounters]

Elder Kettle: Once upon a time there was a little fella named Cuphead. (kind of sound like jacksepticeye.) He and his brother had a bit of a gambling problem. (oh no) and things kind of got out of hand. [Devil/markiplier: Insert evil laugh] The sleazy townsfolk met together that night to discuss the problem, knowing […]

The Last VidCon Recap

*crowd cheering* Rachel: What are you doing here?! I went to VidCon, and cool things happened! Played games, signed things, pictures were a snappin’. Six years it has been since my very first VidCon. And now, to be featured… well… I’m glad I hung on. So to you, my Explainers, I give a hearty back […]

Pink Panther v. Big Nose at the Arcade! | 56 Min | Pink Panther and Pals

(electronic sounds) (jazzy electronica music) ♪ ♪ (jazz music) ♪ ♪ (mumbles happily) (grunts) (gasps) (chimes) (sniffles) (hums) (squeaks) (electronic blasting) MM? (cackles) (running) (chimes) (bell ringing) boing! boing! boing! (bell ringing) (bell ringing) thwack! (bell ringing) (growls) (laughs maniacally) (screams) (crash) (birds chirping) (pop) (bell ringing) (tires squeaking) (bell ringing) (tickets clicking) OW! (bell […]

SFM / FNAF| Game Of Chess |Rainbow Factory Teaser Music – WoodenToaster

*old intro* *sad music* *music changes into suspense music* *suspense music changes into creepy music box music* *creepy music box music changes into trailer music* *some violin notes* *creepy music box again* O O F *old outro*