Surviving Animal Attacks (GAME)

– This episode could save your life. – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good mythical morning! Before the advent of high powered rifles and bear mace when people had run in with animals they just had to deal with them with their wits and their hands and their legs. But you know […]


DELIVERANCE TIME People of God, we church people should not be concerned with how many members are in church but how many have been saved. Here is Mr Enny, pretending to be a Christian but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What is his mission here among the people of God? Can darkness be in […]

Deadly Snake Fight!

Hi folks, this is Mike Eastman. Back in 2004 when I was in Tanzania filming and hunting I came up on a real rare occurrence. There is a black forest cobra when we came around the corner he was fighting with a puff adder. If you notice there the tire tracks we stopped we backed […]

Shark Attacks | SHARK ACADEMY

How common are shark attacks and what are the chances of being attacked by a shark? I’m Jonathan Bird, and this is Shark Academy! You are 75 times more likely to drown at the beach than to be killed by a shark. And…for every human killed by sharks, about 25 million sharks are killed by […]

Snake Bite to the FACE!

– [Voiceover] Action. – Well, Coyote Pack, I think it’s pretty safe to say that winter has set in in Ohio. And while it might be cold, that’s not gonna stop us from making an awesome Behind The Adventure. (tribal music) Welcome back, everyone. Wow, it is seriously cold out here today, like five degrees […]