Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

A little surprise. Boom! I should be more. Me, me, me. 85 pace! – Enjoy. – Thank you. ‘Saturday Night’ – you know, everyone? All right. 90 rating…not bad. 90 is a good number, to be fair. Copy here. Personalised and everything, that’s how we do. Let’s see if the other guys like it as […]

Klopp’s Reaction: Origi update, Hammers thoughts and season targets | West Ham vs Liverpool

Hello, all good, all good. There are some amazing stats flying around, you’ve now beaten all 19 teams in the Premier League this season. That must give you a great deal of personal satisfaction. Nothing like that. I don’t feel anything like that. It’s not about feeling satisfaction or whatever. I was in the game […]

Salah vs Lovren: Lunar New Year Table Tennis Challenge

And the loser… LAUGHTER – Did you lose? – I did. – 2-1? – Yeah. And it was 18-3, so now, 19-5. You play until you win, that’s the problem. Ah, stop crying, you lost. That’s the rules. Pre-season I think. Even before, I think. Who won there? Who won there? Every day battle… No, […]

Coutinho & Firmino Vs Klopp & Liu | Year of the Rooster Table Tennis Challenge

IN MANDARIN: Oh, Jürgen, hi, I got your email. It sounds so urgent, how can I help? Listen, I have a very, very important ping-pong game tomorrow and I really need the best doubles partner in the world. So, are you free? I would love to help you, but I’m in Beijing right now. And […]

LFC commentators crazy reactions to the Reds’ dramatic win | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

Good evening, everybody, a pleasure and a privilege as always to be at Anfield, where we are hoping for another miracle like Istanbul. Shaqiri, in his own half, rolls it square towards Matip. Virgil van Dijk coming back now, he’d stayed forward… The switch was on there. Up to Mane, mistake on the egde of […]