Table Tennis at the Olympic Games #273

One of my strongest memories of the Olympics is playing against Timo Boll and Jorg Rosskopf. Two incredible table tennis players. Obviously Timo Boll one of the best players in the world Jorg Rosskopf was World doubles champion and then we were playing them in doubles so you know it’s going to be really tough […]

DC Funkoverse | Game the Game

(energetic music) – Hey there, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott, and today we are playing DC Funkoverse. I can’t wait to get into it and introduce you to my guests. Of course you all know and love Amy Dallen! – Hello, I’m so excited to be here! Specifically for this […]

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call | Game the Game

(upbeat quirky music) Hey, friends. Welcome to Game The Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott. And every week on this show, we bring you a cool new tabletop game. This week, we have Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call. And I have some amazing guests, including the game’s creator. Right here, we have Tom Gilliland. […]

Western Legends | Game the Game

(upbeat rock music) Hello and welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host Becca Scott and today we are playing Western Legends. Before I introduce you to my guests, let me show you how to play. We’re pannin’ for gold, arresting criminals and robbin’ folks. That’s right, it’s Western Legends from Colossal Games. (upbeat music) […]

How to Play Pandemic

– We’re treating diseases and researching cures! That’s right, it’s Pandemic from Z-Man Games! (upbeat music) This contagious co-op pits two to four disaster specialists against the dangerous diseases spreading across the globe. Using their wits and action cards, players travel the earth, hoping to stamp out the infections before the population is overwhelmed. Quick […]

Every Hello Neighbor deaths, but Mmm… whatcha say play

Дорова! Если ты читаешь это то значит что ты умеешь читать!!!! Ща мы буим делать ММм ватча сееЕЕеееЕееееЕЕей Так шо приготовьте платочки Валера! Валера ты шо творишь наркоман??? Валера даже не думай!1 Ладно Валера, твоя взяла тут полежу уже Я ж просто хотел позичиты соль((((( Итакъ теперь тут какаято ворона и девка Это кукла Она […]

Wolf family | Firefighter Wolfoo Learns Safety Tips with Talking Fire

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Snake Robot Locomotion

[music] The reason that we study snakes is that they can move through almost any kind of environment People have created snake-like robots to replicate their mobility but very challenging for them is large obstacles that are really smooth. We want to see how snakes can traverse large obstacles while maintaining stability. We studied the […]

All Time Low on ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ & Defining Their Legacy | MTV News

(hums) – Describe the new era of All Time Low in one word. Tremendous. – Pretentious. – I don’t think he knows what pretentious means. – Yeah. – If I’m being honest. – Yeah but definitely, it feels right. – Yeah but definitely, it feels right. – Don’t ask him to explain. – We just, […]

Artificially Intelligent Models of Cancer for Precision Diagnosis and Treatment – Exploring Ethics

(robotic chiming) (upbeat music) – Tonight’s program is focused on personalized medicine and the use of artificial intelligence in cancer. Those come together in some really interesting ways. Our new technologies and in recent years have really told us a great deal about the genes we carry. And that’s helped us to better predict the […]