Smiggle Snake Puzzle or Rubik’s Twist Tutorial: How to Make a Dog Shape For Beginners, Step by Step

Hi I’m Antoine and I’m going to show you how to make the dog with the Snake Puzzle So first you’re going to make this head part… so you’re going to use this one and then you’re here… and then this one’s going to go down… and then this one’s going to go here… and […]

Metal Gear Dies

Holy shit! This game is bad. Metal Gear Solid is probably the most consistent video game series. Period. Metal Gear 1 – sneaking around snowy Shadow Moses… Number 2 – you have the tanker. You have the Dr. Octopus as the president and that apeshit ending. Snake Eater – the jungle setting. You have the […]

The Fixies English ★The Short Circuit – GPS ★ Fixies 2016 | Videos For Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal, So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please, Don’t let their secret out! The Short Circuit Are you sure we allowed to play in your dad’s office? We […]

Joseph Sifakis, 2007 A.M. Turing Award Laureate Interview

A.M. Turing Award Oral History Interview with Joseph Sifakis by Cris Calude Athens, Greece September 6, 2019 Calude: This is a video interview with Professor Joseph Sifakis for the ACM Turing Laureates video interviews project. We are on the Friday, 6th of September 2019, in number 3 Stisichorou Street, Athens, Greece. Joseph received the award […]

Snake Game Tutorial – Episode 3: Snake (with Bonus Content!)

Hey guys! Welcome back, this is Frank, and welcome to the third episode of Snake Game Tutorial with Frank! In the last episode, we already focused on the canvas element, so I’ll just cross it up here. In this episode, we will be focusing on the snake element itself. So a thing to notice here […]

The Rules of the Game: DVD 01-02 The Game of the GoldRing Begins

The Game begins once the player sees the end of the game is scarcity, poverty, depression and the fascist control of the few over the rights of the many. The Game starts when there is a realization that the biggest lie and the biggest theft was the willing enslavement of each individual to a corruption […]

Movie Mistakes: When does Film Continuity REALLY Matter?

Take a look at this scene… ( Oh my… ) ( Oh my… god! ) Notice anything? If you did, good for you. You have a very keen eye. I cut that scene and I probably watched it more than a hundred times, often sitting with the director together, and I never noticed the mistake. […]

DEFCON scares me and science says it will scare you too

This is Defcon. If it reminds you of a certain movie starring Matthew Broderick, you’re not wrong! No wait, that is wrong. DEFCON is like WarGames… the uhh… Game. And it’s the scariest game ever made. DEFCON plays like a simplified RTS. Each player has control of a continent, which they fill with nuclear silos, […]

Should You Trust Your Gut Instinct?

Do you ever get that feeling in your gut that something is the right or wrong decision- But you don’t know why? Our intuition is often deemed as mysticism or linked with telepathy and premonitions, but is there a science behind it? Should you trust your intuition? Understanding something immediately without conscious reasoning is less […]

Snake My Breath Away (feat. WRM-TV Gucchy)

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] if you want to learn to make effective snakes one thing you can start doing is practicing putting a lot of spin on the ball with a little motion if you make the motion very small and quick and still generate spin it’s tougher for your opponent to read. After you get […]