Ancient Egyptian fashion I Curator’s Corner Season 5 Episode 3

You might know how to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ but do you know how to dress like an Egyptian? Hi my name is Amandine Merat I’m an Egyptologist and an expert in ancient Egyptian textiles and welcome to my corner! So today if I tell you ‘Ancient Egypt’ you will tell me ‘Ohh, sculpture from […]

Cleopatra’s Little Sister vs. The World (feat. Aubrey Plaza and David Wain) – Drunk History

– So hello, my name is Lyric Lewis, and tonight we are discussing the other queen of Egypt. Oh yes, the queen that was scheming, thieving, thriving and surviving off of stealing her way from the bottom to the what? To the top. The other queen of Egypt. So our story begins in 51 B.C. […]