World Chess Champions before Magnus Carlsen.

This is a video of great chess players that became Classical World Chess Champions and also FIDE World Chess Champions that inspired and impacted current generations of modern chess with their style of play, theories, principles and lifestyle before present World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen. The FIDE world chess champions came up because Garry Kasparov […]

How an Indian child changed Chess forever,Anand is the pride of India TURN ON CAPTION.

This is the story of a middle class Indian boy. Aanand learnt chess when he was just 6 year old. His late mother Shusheela taught him the game. Anand was a loving and caring son but soon his life changed, He became provincial champion at age 15 At 18 he became first Indian Grand master […]

LONG STORY SHORT WITH LESLIE WILCOX: Viswanathan Anand – Five-time Reigning World Chess Champion

So when youíre playing chess, how many moves ahead are you thinking? Depends on the position. We usually compare it to a tree. So, if thereís a straight tree, very few branches or no branches, then you can go very, very far. So, essentially, if I have one move, you have one response, I have […]

Minutiae battle of structural weaknesses | Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand | Gashimov Memorial 2019

Hi all there is a very interesting game that occurred recently between two mega champions Magnus Carlsen who is of course the current World Chess Champion and Vishy Anand playing with the black pieces so this is at the Gashimov Memorial round two let’s have a look at this game. d4 from Magnus we see […]

Kasparov blunders and loses a Queen and a Chess Game to Anand!

In this game Garry Kasparov missed counterattack and lost queen! The game plays in Geneva Switzerland in 1996. Blitz tournament. Viswanathan Anand was rival of Garry Kasparov. He played white. let’s look at the screen. Black has two extra pawns, and a positional advantage. In this complex for white position Anand plays RE1. We can […]

Levon Aronian vs. Boris Gelfand – 2013 FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament – Round 2

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is Round 2 from the 2013 Candidates Tournament between Levon Aronian who’s playing the white side versus Boris Gelfand. We had Aronian opening up with Nf3, Gelfand replying c5. c4, knight c6, knight c3, and g6. After e3 I believe it’s already an important point in the game, and I […]

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen plays the Dutch Stonewall Defence against Vishy Anand!

Hi all, I have a very interesting game to show you of Magnus Carlsen the current world champion against the former world champion Vishy Anand, played in the Gregg chess classic in Germany, the 6th of February 2015. What’s fascinating about this game is Magnus’s choice of opening after d4 he has been speaking recently […]

Magnus Carlsen vs. Vishy Anand – 2012 Chess Masters Final – Bilbao

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is a game from the Chess Masters Final in Bilbao. Round 9 between the World’s #1 player, Magnus Carlsen, and the current World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand. Carlsen on the white end kicking off with e4. Anand choosing the Sicilian. After knight f3, d6 and bishop b5, bishop d7 we […]