Chess: Vishy Anand appreciated the nobility of Baadur Jobava!

This chess game was played in the World Blitz Championship in the seventh round. Vishy Anand played White, Baadur Jobava played black. In The position on the screen White moved Bb2 black protect the knight with move c5, white played B:d4. c:d followed, Qb3 and it turns out, that Black can not defend the d5-pawn […]

Shortest Game (Decisive) in World Chess Championship History – Anand vs. Gelfand – Game 8

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is game 8 from the 2012 FIDE World Chess Championship match, or what might be better recognized as the “Shortest Game in World Chess Championship History”. Viswanathan Anand has the white pieces in this game, and is trailing three points to Boris Gelfand’s four. Let’s have a look and see […]