MTG – Card Sleeves 9 – Inner Perfect Fits: Ultra Pro, BCW, Ultimate Guard for Magic The Gathering

When it comes to inner sleeves for your [magic] the [gathering] and other? [standard-sized] collectible cards more and more companies are offering their [own] inner sleeves for you to choose from In this video we’ll look at [both] be Cw’s inner sleeves and the new and improved [Ultra] Pro perfect fits also I’ll examine ultimate […]

Top 15 Scary Hide and Seek Stories

15. Grave yard Hide-and-Seek Have you ever played hide-and-seek in a grave yard? It’s probably a good idea not to, as you’ll learn from this scary story, posted on reddit by Prancing_Unicorn. The Redditor says that she and her friends decided to play a late-night game of hide-and-seek in an abandoned local grave yard in […]

The Problem With Card Game Anime

I’m pretty sure that I’m literally the only human being on earth who cares about card game anime, and it’s probably not wise of me to drop a fifteen-minute rant about it in the middle of the worst month for ad revenue of the year, but I just put out an SAO video, so I […]

Aalavandhan | The Duality in | Video Essay with Tamil Subtitles

Hi, I’m Kishor and this is MOVING IMAGES. The illustrious work of Kamal Hassan often deals with the concept of Duality “Are you a good person or a bad one?” “He is my hero…You are…Villain?” His most ambitious project in terms of experimentation till date, Aalavandhan is no exception. We saw how Kamal portrayed a […]

“Sorry dude, I’m not that slow, nor that weak!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user kleopl

Kleopl, maybe I played kleopl before? I did. Yeah that was a mistake. I don’t… I try in general to accept challenges from people I haven’t played before but I’m not going to abort the game. So here we go. e3 okay. The thing is if the right response is usually considered e6 then knight […]

“Maybe he’s just brilliant!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. FM Patrick Aizpurúa

Okay let’s try an FM from Panama. That’s not a picture of my opponent. I think that’s an actor. I cannot remember who it is. Ah so the oracle, Jan Gustafsson told me who it was but you guys can figure it out for yourself. I’m sure you know pop culture. So this worked out […]

“That’s a bit of a dumb name, isn’t it?” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user checkempate

checkempate from Spain. Empate? Does that mean draw? It’s check draw. It’s bit of a dumb name, isn’t it? Or is it just a very smart name? I don’t know. Suppose when he goes for this, this shouldn’t be too bad. I don’t know though. This doesn’t look convincing at all to me from his […]

Why Lord El-Melloi II Fails at Mystery Writing

Hello & Welcome – To Replay Value Critical response on Case Files has been pretty sour and I’m inclined to agree – it’s not that the characters aren’t good, in fact I’d argue that they along with the soundtrack, are bright spots in an otherwise murky soup – but rather that from a writing perspective […]

How to Beat Magnus Carlsen | Magnus vs chess24 user AfuroZamurai

Okay I’m going to try this guy. Doesn’t seem to be a grandmaster but he’s rated 3,000. AfuroZamurai, doesn’t sound very German to me but what do I know. Mmm d4. Going to try one of my typical noise, as I did for instance against Kaymer. Yeah h3 is a clever move order. As the […]