This Card Trick Will Reveal A Deep Truth To You

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The Green Card Game Show – Foil Arms and Hog

And now live from the JFK international airport New York Ladies and gentlemen it’s the Green Card Game Show. That’s right folks it’s the game show where contestants from all over the world battle it out to win permanent residency to the United States of America. Joining us on tonight’s show, all the way from […]

Crossfire NA/UK 2.0: Snake DBR – HMX gameplay by KHAI-CFNA

HELLO N WELCOME BACK TO KHAI-CFNA !! Today, I will shoot using a random set of weapon Here is Snake-DBR I also bring DE-Scope as my pistol These guns are freaking legend DE-Scope, slow reload speed, bad pattern, the only 2 weaknesses of DE-Scope Good things it have strong fire power, good looking gun 🙂 […]

11 Surprising Things That Will Happen By 2050!

Which decades-old document will finally be revealed to the public? What does the future hold for robots? Find out as we look at 11 Surprising Things That Will Happen By 2050. #11 Elvis Unveiled The foundation of the entertainment industry was shook in August of 1977 when headlines everywhere announced The King of Rock and […]

Product Short: Chess

Chess is arguably the most classic strategy game of all time so we couldn’t resist making our own version. All of the products about to be mentioned are available a la carte. That is, the boards and pieces are offered separately. We offer two types of boards: basic and premium. The basic board is simply […]

Bill Gates loses at chess: Magnus Carlsen beats Gates in 71 seconds

He may be one of the world’s richest men and the founder of a global computer giant, but 71 seconds is all it took for 22-year-old Magnus Carlsen to dispatch of Bill Gates in a televised game of chess. The game has started. The game is on. Okay, so uh… Let’s go. Yes absolutely. The […]

Drunk History – Bobby Fischer, King of the Chess People

Let’s cheers to Bobby Fischer, yeah? – Here’s to Bobby B. F. – Check. – Mate. – [chuckles] – Hello. I’m Rich Fulcher, and today we’re gonna talk about Bobby Fischer, King of the Chess People.It’s 1972.Bobby Fischer is, like, 29 years old,and at the time, he had won the U.S. Open Championshipand was an […]

“Send Her Back” & Trump’s Divisive 2020 Strategy – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– It’s no secret what’s happening you know? If it were a secret it would be harder to try and understand you know, Donald Trump versus The Squad and him telling them to go back to where they came from and send them back and the whole thing. Telling them they can leave if they […]