King of Ping-pong! No Mercy Table Tennis Skills

The Ping-Pong table tennis king appears! Powerful and delicate The unpredictable trajectory of a ping-pong ball Producer meets the table tennis king Camera? Loading… Here comes his welcome ceremony One shot double kill WELCOME :))))) Paper cup? No mercy 5 combo Super thin thickness *pay attention to Pepero Gone What about a distant ping-pong ball? […]

Snake Fakes Death With Oscar-Worthy Performance

COMM: In Texas, photographer Kenneth came across this hognose snake. This particular serpent has distinctive characteristics. It has an upturned snout and stout small body that only grows up to 120 cm in length. COMM: But this snake is perhaps best known for its rather surprising, yet effective defence mechanisms. COMM: When the snake feels […]

Baby Plays With Python

COMM: Seeing a Burmese python coiled around their baby would be a nightmare for most parents, but for snake handler Jamie Guarino, it’s simply a show of affection from a beloved family pet. Jamie: Alyssa, is that a snake? Are you playing with a snake?! COMM: And the father of three from Michigan, USA, is […]