White snake 2019 clip English dub [1080HD] // part 2 //

[Music] I have that pollution again I’ve meditated for 500 years and mortality is nearly earth in range but I can never break through the wall [Music] [Music] I know it’s always treacherous there’s an emptiness inside my heart it’s missing something why is it when I get close I always get thrown into all […]

Heart chess episode 3 Movements of some pieces 2

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. In this video I will continue talking about the movements of the pieces in a heart chess. I will start with a knight. Knight moves horizontally or vertically two squares and one square. I’d like to show it with pegs. It can move […]

Heart chess episode 2 Movements of some pieces 1

yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. Today i will talk about the movements of some pieces in a heart chess. Let’s start with a king. As you know, when you capture the king the game is over. The king can move in any direction one square. here here and here. If there is a […]