Love Me Dead – Ludo ♥ Arisinnin

love me cancerously, like a salt sore soaked in the sea. high maintenance means you’re a gluttonous queen, narcissistic and mean. kill me romantically. fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum. bitter and dumb, you’re my sugarplumb. you’re awful. I love you-! she moves through moonbeams slowly. she knows […]

Electric Tuxedo – Chess

Look at the sky shining bright, choose a star tonight, Imagining it’s a scene on a movie screen, Choose to be so wild and so free, You hold the Key is to feel what is real in this love exchange, Make your move, keep the groove, now let’s turn the page, After all, it’s just […]

The Beaches – Snake Tongue

(“Snake Tongue” by The Beaches) ♪ I can’t say I lack for much attention ♪ ♪ Cause these creeps come in from all directions ♪ ♪ Getting in my face ♪ Every single day ♪ Cold snake tongue stuck out on the street ♪ ♪ I can see you staring at me each time ♪ […]