Alpha Zero finds shockingly secret novelty in highly evolved Giuoco Piano vs Stockfish 8 – Game 9

Hi all. Let’s continue our look at the amazing set of games which were sent to me by Deepmind recently an amazing set of 20 games this is game 9 e4 from stockfish 8 alpha zero played e5 Nf3 knight c6 Bishop c4 and Bishop c5 so Giuoco piano a sort of “school kids opening” […]

Outrageous Artificial Intelligence: (Game 1) DeepMind’s AlphaZero crushes Stockfish Chess WC

Hi all. I have a very interesting game from the realms of computer chess to show – DeepMind which was the company that Google bought from Demis Hassabis who was actually by the way someone I knew from from school for a while who was himself a great chess enthusiast but he left Chess to […]

Stockfish reveals a secret shocking breakthrough move vs Leela chess (Modern Defence 2018)

Hi all, I have another fascinating encounter for you today. Stockfish the mighty number one engine in the world. He’s playing white this time against Leela in the Rabash, not rubbish, Rabash modern defense, sometimes known as modern defense. E4, g6, d4, Bg7, Nc3, c6 these are the opening book moves given to both and […]

A remarkable top secret Chess Opening Discovery! Leela Chess 395 vs Gull 3 – Nimzo Indian

Hi all .. Leela Chess ID 395 still has yet to be eclipsed by some tests of latest Leela IDs and one of the amazing games it played which is a favourite of Enrico who kindly you know created these gauntlets is against Gull version 3 so this is like one of them Rico’s favorites […]

Leela reveals powerful new secret positional gambit rarely seen before in Chess History

Hi all, I have another fascinating game to show you of Leela Chester day against xiphos. Which means double-edged sword by the way. Not double-edged has in it very easy to stab yourself. But a leaf shaped sword which is good for both cutting and frosting apparently if you check on wiki for xiphos. It […]

Is Leela Chess the most hilarious Engine troll in Chess History? Leela ID 11248 vs Chiron

(This video is a game from Leela Chess aka lc0 project – a Neural Network Self Learning AI). Hi all I have an absolutely magnificent trolling game of Leela chess to show you today so Leela was playing against Chiron in the Blitz Battle Five minutes with a two second increment in the chess com […]

Leela Chess beats Stockfish Dev on 43 cores – end of era near for Classical engines?

Hi all, I have an absolutely amazing game to show you. Of Leela against stockfish dev from last month in a bonus game that was played at T sack. Let’s have a look at this. So stockfish was on 43 cores. E4 from Leela, the set opening book just these moves, these four play. So […]

Leela Chess 10171 demonstrates a stunning theoretical novelty within Ruy Lopez Open – vs Gull

Hi all, I have an absolutely fascinating game from the Leela Test Server. This is the Leela Test Server ID 10171. So it’s a different… ID format, much bigger number — so ten one seven one. And this game was submitted by… Enrico Caruso. And… It does seem to have a theoretical novelty. I’ve been […]

Leela beats official world computer chess champion Komodo – end of era near for Classical engines?

Hi all. I have historically very important chess game to show you today. Leela chess ID 11089 playing against the great Komodo chess engine which is a triple TCDC winner as well as the official world computer champion. In fact it won the triple this year in 2018. It won the world computer Chess Championship […]