Mackenzie Is a 5-Game Winner! | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] $130,803. What a wonderful week you’ve had, young lady. – Mackenzie, you’re on a roll. You’ve just won your fifth game, which makes you eligible for the Tournament of Champions. How does that make you feel? – I mean, I was excited to come and play one game. And now, this is more […]

Got A DeVito | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Got A DeVito. – Got a DeVito, 200. – [Alex] As this character in “Batman Returns,” Danny DeVito kidnaps, murders and, even worse, enters politics. Vinny. – Who is the Penguin? – [Alex] Yeah. – DeVito, 800. – [Alex] Voicing this title Dr. Seuss character in a 2012 animated film, DeVito said, “I […]

Survivor | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Of ours. – Hi, I’m Jeff Probst, host of “Survivor.” Try to outwit, outplay, and outlast the other contestants in a category celebrating “Survivor”‘s landmark 40th season and 20th anniversary. – “Survivor” for two. – [Alex] Jeff? – The weather upped the stakes for “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” The castaways had to […]

Movies Across America | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] And finally, movies across America. – Movies across America for $200. – Hi, I’m Bill Ritter from New York’s ABC7. Philip Johnson designed the soaring towers of the New York State Pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair in the futuristic Googie style, which fit perfectly in this 1997 film that featured them. – […]

Ken Jennings Is ‘The Greatest of All Time’!

(audience cheering) – Is that for me? – The Greatest – For Me? – Of All Time. Ken Jennings. – Thank you guys! – You are now officially Jeopardy!’s Greatest of All Time, how are you feeling? – I’m just shell-shocked, like I’m bewildered. After finishing second place in three or four of these, I […]

All-Star Games Wild Card: Game 2 Final Jeopardy! Strategy Sessions | JEOPARDY!

(upbeat music) – You guys tell me what the number is. I write it down and I get it right or I get it wrong. – It’s just to be safe I would even almost bet everything. Cause if we get it wrong were going to beat their total anyway. – Cause if we get […]

All-Star Games Wild Card: Game 1 Final Jeopardy! Strategy Sessions | JEOPARDY!

(upbeat jazz music) – I have the feeling that everyone up there is going to bet in the middling range. I think we should also bet in the middling range. So if we fall, we’re so close, if we gain, we’re still close, if they gain, we’re still close. I have a feeling, this is […]

G.O.A.T. Match 2 Winner: James Holzhauer | JEOPARDY!

– That gives him a two-game total of 82,414, and he wins the second match in our Greatest of All Time Jeopardy! tournament. (audience applauding) – James, congratulations. You’ve won your first match. How do you feel? – Whew! Oh, it’s a relief, you know. I was sweating till the last second there because no […]

G.O.A.T. Match 1 Winner: Ken Jennings | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] And that means that Ken Jennings has won the first match. What a game, what a way to start. – Congratulations, Ken, the first match goes to you. How does it feel to have earned that first victory? – It’s a really good feeling. It’s a real feeling of relief considering that I […]

All-Star Games Wild Card: Game 2 Strategy Sessions | JEOPARDY

(jeopardy music) – Great! – That one fine? – Everyone whiffed, Roger would of whiffed on that, I would of whiffed on that, so it really made no difference whatsoever, we also lost the least. Everyone else was… – I was in shock. – We were the conservative bet again! – What we had talked […]