HIDE AND SEEK IN OUR HOUSE (surprised at the end)

So now I have to plug the diss track, so let’s do it [sniffs] One… Two… Yo! What’s up guys? I’m Emilio Martinez and today, we’re going to play hide and seek But look guys, this morning its, I just woke up and look at this morning, it’s so beautiful. I don’t know, I’m back […]

Logan Paul CAUGHT SMOKING W33D! #DramaAlert Erika Costell Shows SNAKE TAIL! KSI vs Alex Wassabi

Yo it’s the gnome’s theme song. hsksksk april fools what is up dramaalert nation!? I’m your host killer keemstar let’s get righttttttt into the news 😀 Our first story is coming from Logan Paul (eww) Today his buddy ‘Dwarf Mamba’ uploaded a brand new vlog! Titled “I Built Logan Paul’s $6,000 PC”(he shouldve done it […]