World Chess Champions before Magnus Carlsen.

This is a video of great chess players that became Classical World Chess Champions and also FIDE World Chess Champions that inspired and impacted current generations of modern chess with their style of play, theories, principles and lifestyle before present World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen. The FIDE world chess champions came up because Garry Kasparov […]

Reuben Fine – Logic and meaning of chess

How has chess influenced your logic? Leave a comment below! My bad about the clicking –

Chess openings – Alekhine’s Defence

Chess Openings .com Alekhine’s Defense Welcome to Today is all about Alekhine’s Defense, which is a dangerous reply to the king’s pawn opening. Alekhine’s Defense begins with the moves pawn to e4, and knight to f6. With this move knight f6, Black is trying to lure White’s central pawns forward in order to make […]