Amazing Card Trick set to DISNEY SONGS

Hey everyone my name is Quan and today I’m going to show you guys a really cool card trick along with my favorite Disney songs listen to the lyrics really closely to the cards and I’m so excited to share this with y’all so with that being said check it out (Turn on your sound)

Disney Comics In Motion | Disney Princess | Pocahontas “Hide and Seek”

[LIGHTHEARTED MUSIC] NAKOMA: We have the day all to ourselves. What shall we do? POCAHONTAS: Hmm. NAKOMA: We could canoe to the falls, or there’s the caves, or– Pocahontas? [POCAHONTAS LAUGHS] Oh no. We are not playing hide and seek. You know I’m terrible at it. POCAHONTAS: Too late. NAKOMA: Let’s see. Pocahontas usually hides […]

Prototype vs Retail – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) – Hello, and welcome to Game Sack. Now, games have to be finished before they’re released, right? I mean, not these days, they’re released without being finished all the time. But, back in the 8, and the 16-bit, and even the 32-bit days, they were done before they were released. At least […]

The Girl Without a Phone – a Snow White Story

Tonight we’re running on the right track I know we’re never look back Oh i just want to have a good time Call me or Whatever some ### will anything life back Oh no we don’t want to be Sloomo so my #### says Let’s Go To the beat and sweet and sweet and see […]

The Girl Without a Phone – a Frog Princess Story

Boi came to talk to me is what I want the most in my life They say your out of my league. But I don’t give a damn Deep down I know you want it.You want to take a leap and jump in. What, I’m Ariel? I can’t even swim It’s usually never wrong. Lily, […]