Tutorial #1: El Tablero de Ajedrez/Tutorial # 1: The Chess Board.

Chess board It is the battlefield by definition within its edges it develops a combat subject to certain rules the chess board consists of 64 squares, 32 white and 32 black that are arranged alternately it’s about of a square that is, with the same width as height in which each side has 8 squares […]

CLASSY chess puzzle!

Hello chess friends, I’m starting the new chess puzzle series and would like to share some awesome puzzles. I will be going through various tactics, tips, initiatives, strategies in this series. I would like to show how to identify tactics in various kinds of positions Stay till the end of the video to find out […]

Chess endgame | Rule of Opposition | King + Pawn Chess Ending | Explained through my own game

Hello friends! This is Anuj from Shatranj time. Today I am going to describe a game to you A game that I was a part of and it was a really nice game and what’s so interesting about the game was that there is one very important chess principle called as opposition that I utilized […]

GM Hikaru Nakamura (2893) vs FM Alexis Vargas Arteaga (2369) | Chess.com

nakamura vamos a quitar las 6 de este muchacho white bah ba ba [Música] piso no no no y lo que fuere aquí t en el código de la edición estoy concentrada y sin sí con seis éxitos en x y futura verdad con dr para toni guau si se está calculando de esta variante […]

Шахматы для троих

Hi! I’m Korney. I will tell you about unusual chess. This is chess for three players. The rules are almost the same as those of regular chess. But a game develops completely differently. There are unexpected changes. There are special nuances. And this is a good reason for three friends to come together. Chess arose […]

The trap or the blunder?! Wesley So won in the chess opening!

Tata Steel Chess Tournament’s ended in Twenty-ninth January 2017 The strongest grandmasters in the world took part in it. American chess player Wesley So has won the tournament. In the final game of the thirteenth round he had a huge superiority in the opening against Jan Nepomnyastchy. let’s this game d4, Nf6 Bg5 This bishop’s […]

Chess wunderkind WESLEY SO and his tactics!

Wesley So is an American GM, but He was born and grew up in Philippines. He is a strongest chessplayer in the history of the Philippines. Wesley So is known as a chess Wunderkind. He won the title of GM in 2008 year of age fourteen. And this game was played in 2007 Here is […]

Magnus Carlsen lost chess game to an Amateur!

This blitz game was played in Yerevan twenty-second of June in 2014. Magnus Carlsen played white. His opponent was Member of Parliament Armenia Tachat Vardapetyan. White begin to attack in the center with the move d4. e:d, c:d and Ng6, Nc3, Bb4 and short castling B:c3 10.b:c3 0-0 11. Bc2 White keeps his bishops, scheduling […]