Onix the Rock Snake (Feat. The Prop Master’s Handbook)

And that’s why in FNAF night 4, -Springtrap and Freddy end up in space. -( moans ) Wait. Before we go in, -I have to tell you something. -Do you have an idea for “enos”? No. It’s better than that. Uh, I got us… a new pet. -( roars ) -( screams ) What is […]

FNAF the Musical: Web of Lies (feat. Adrisaurus) [by Random Encounters]

This is Mike… Say, how would you like a bit of a promotion? You know how it is with Fazbear Entertainment… You can uh… never have too much security. Oh boy… that didn’t take very long… Look, I don’t know what to tell you. accidents happen. Anyplace that’s working with kids is gonna have itself […]

Cuphead the Musical (feat. Markiplier, NateWantsToBattle & Jacksepticeye) [by Random Encounters]

Elder Kettle: Once upon a time there was a little fella named Cuphead. (kind of sound like jacksepticeye.) He and his brother had a bit of a gambling problem. (oh no) and things kind of got out of hand. [Devil/markiplier: Insert evil laugh] The sleazy townsfolk met together that night to discuss the problem, knowing […]


Sega! In a magical place called Jungle Island, there lived three very special monkeys named AiAi, MeeMee and GonGon. Together, they had many wonderful adventures. They discovered foreign lands full of mystical secrets, they collected scores of tasty bananas, And they did it all inside clear, plastic balls! *explosion* Enjoying your sunny day, monkeys? *evil […]

Papers Please: The Musical

(Peter) Welcome to our most glorious nation. Papers, please and we’ll get you on your way. Please provide some identification. Tell me now, how long do you plan to stay? (AJ) Please sir, let me through! My family has the flu! They’re dying in Arstotzka while I’m stuck in here with you! (Peter) Sir, your […]