Indian Tuition Class | Take 900 POV

Hello, dweebs! So Medhaa, Finished assignments uh? What do you think? (Pfft, what is that like 15 pages) Can I Borrow a pen? Thanks, da. Vikram, my mom was asking – did you pay the fees? 1661 Sweden. What? (What?) Quiet. You! Where were you yesterday? Sir my dog ate my homework, sir. What?! You […]

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Clothes, Ironing & Mens Underwear

If you have washed your own clothes you will never take your clothes for granted. You’ll always be… thank you! Thank you. Clean. ‘Cause there’s no washing technique which involves you to look nice. If you wash clothes by hand you will look like the hardest working farmer on the planet. There’s no civilized, like… […]