DEADLY Sea Snake Encounter!

– Watch your footing, this is really slippery. Oh, cool, check this out, we got a little cove, this could be a perfect spot to find creatures. Come on up. – [Voiceover] This is slippery. – You good? Yeah, watch your footing. All right, going down in there. Oh, there’s an eel! – [Voiceover] Nice! […]

Cottonmouth vs Water Snake!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. Right now we’re hiking in the southern swamps of Texas, which is home to two different water snake species. One is venomous, and one is not. If your life depended on it, would you be able to tell the difference? (dramatic music) Stick around, ’cause we’re about to show ya. (dramatic […]

Return to Snake Island!

Yes, wow, look at that. That may be the largest garter snake I have ever caught in Ohio, wow. (energetic drum music) Wait, wait, Coyote Pack. Before you guys watch the video, have a big announcement to make. Now, we are doing an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime giveaway. I’m gonna be producing five videos. That’s me making […]

SNAKE BITE…is it Venomous?!

(dramatic instrumental music) (water sloshing) (water splashing) – Got it! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Oh, it latched onto my finger! (wildcat screams) (dramatic percussion music) (bear roars) During the warm months of summer, the wetland ecosystems of the northeastern United States are a lush catacomb of plants and well-camouflaged animals. From […]

Giant Snake of the Everglades – The Invasive Burmese Python

– I’m Coyote Peterson, today I’m in the Florida Everglades, and I bet you’d never believe there’s a 12 foot python right at my feet, but there is. Check this out. This is the Burmese python. (dramatic music) Today and the team and I are out walking the sawgrass fields of the Florida Everglades hoping […]


(dramatic music) – [Coyote] I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to be bitten by the giant desert centipede. Here we go. (shouts in pain) Oh my gosh, this is so much worse than a bullet ant sting. (theme music) (exciting music) It’s a fair statement to say that I am no stranger to pain, as […]

Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 1

This is Sun city. The city is just like its name. The life of this people… …is as bright as the sun is. The people of this city do decent amount of magic. And they use magic in their daily life. Look at this. Looks like, he didn’t get time to read the newspaper today. […]

Snake Bite to the FACE!

– [Voiceover] Action. – Well, Coyote Pack, I think it’s pretty safe to say that winter has set in in Ohio. And while it might be cold, that’s not gonna stop us from making an awesome Behind The Adventure. (tribal music) Welcome back, everyone. Wow, it is seriously cold out here today, like five degrees […]

Shiva – Full Episode 2 – Twister Thief

Shiva! Hey, Shiva! Come on! We have to go for cycling. Why is everything shaking? It seems, grandpa has started singing. Why is everything shaking if grandpa is not singing? Look, what is over there? Oh no! Such a big twister! Run! Shiva, don’t come out! Run! – Run! Run away from the twister! Run […]