Warhammer Quest: the adventure card game – Preview (ITA – sub ENG)

Hi! And welcome to GDT Live This is going to be a very special preview, because we are goin to talk about a game announced just a week ago! Words can’t describe how excited I am about this game! We’re going to talk about a classic game, that has a special place in the heart […]

Cottonmouth vs Water Snake!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. Right now we’re hiking in the southern swamps of Texas, which is home to two different water snake species. One is venomous, and one is not. If your life depended on it, would you be able to tell the difference? (dramatic music) Stick around, ’cause we’re about to show ya. (dramatic […]

Return to Snake Island!

Yes, wow, look at that. That may be the largest garter snake I have ever caught in Ohio, wow. (energetic drum music) Wait, wait, Coyote Pack. Before you guys watch the video, have a big announcement to make. Now, we are doing an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime giveaway. I’m gonna be producing five videos. That’s me making […]

SNAKE BITE…is it Venomous?!

(dramatic instrumental music) (water sloshing) (water splashing) – Got it! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Oh, it latched onto my finger! (wildcat screams) (dramatic percussion music) (bear roars) During the warm months of summer, the wetland ecosystems of the northeastern United States are a lush catacomb of plants and well-camouflaged animals. From […]


– [Bryan] Finn, where are you? Hey, do you know where the kids are? – It is the hottest day of the year so far. Look what Papa just brought in from outside. Where’d you find these? – In your pond. – [Ollie] There’s a snake in the pool! – [Missy] What? ♪ Wherever you […]


We’re buddies now We got everything yes And we’re gonna take off this morning and go down to seven magic mountains first in Nevada. And then where we go on a shelf Pioneer saloon. It is 10:22 a.m. We better get going. Yeah, let’s go So we got BLM land to our left and our […]

Giant Snake of the Everglades – The Invasive Burmese Python

– I’m Coyote Peterson, today I’m in the Florida Everglades, and I bet you’d never believe there’s a 12 foot python right at my feet, but there is. Check this out. This is the Burmese python. (dramatic music) Today and the team and I are out walking the sawgrass fields of the Florida Everglades hoping […]

Trap Adventure 2 – WHO MADE THIS GAME AND WHY 😡😡? ! ” 🤰😡 – #001

What’s up? How it’s happening, everybody? On Twitter right now, you may have seen there’s this platforming game That’s blowing up. Everyone is talking about this game, so I had to dust off my old Ipad Find all my old passwords took me 30 minutes. I’m already pissed off But Pewds, you gotta play this […]

Giant Orbeez Water Balloon Snake Inside Giant Water Wubble Bubble!

– Oh, are you guys ready for this? I don’t know if you guys are ready for this today. It’s gonna be so awesome. I have come up with the craziest idea that combines the best of everything that we’ve almost ever done on this channel, and some of the most viewed videos that we’ve […]


So, you know how hikers talk about getting like Christmas songs or Disney songs stuck in their head just like non-stop. Well, this hike has been very much a Pocahontas theme for me because when it was windy non-stop I had Colors of the Wind stuck in my head and now that we’ve been around […]