George Hotz | Programming | HackerRank | simple skills sunday regexes and reacts | twitchtactoe IPFS

George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq, writing a language we can prove things in

xNoury: oh hello esence: yo xNoury: how are you doing? takkeo: Yo turboooooo1: Hey George knilecrack: wsupppp Shanmukhosiris: hiiiiiii knilecrack: 😀 SlayerX1: HeyGuys Equalizer_olo: Привет the_awoken1: heeey gorge alienware997: Greetings from Germany! ftt0717: What’s up??? knilecrack: you didn’t get banned mtasic85: Hello guys 0xkuj: Hihihi kornez: NEW RAP SONG? LUL liqo13: woaow wee, are we […]

comma ai | George Hotz | An OS for Autos | Self Driving Cars? Scam!

Of the time and I’m pretty sure it’ll happen over the next two days That said I’d like to introduce our first speaker George. Do you want to start coming up? George Hotz Is a pretty interesting guy He had his first 15 minutes of fame as I understand it hacking the iPhone as a […]