Letter to My Future Self

(slow piano music) (mail slams down) (door creaks) – Hey, how was school? – It was okay. – Okay. (knocking) (sighs) – You got a letter. – Okay. Whatever. – Not whatever, look! This is the letter you wrote to yourself when you were 8. They mailed it back. – Alright. – what’s the matter? […]

Tournament Fighter – SNL

The Girl Without a Phone – a Beauty and the Beast Story

homecoming queen football quarterback how perfect is that sounds legendary no one would be better by my side are you asking me to be your date to the dance I’m giving you the opportunity to ask me look I don’t even know if I want to go to the dance Nikki I got way too […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep4 / S1

hi Ashley good luck Thanks that’s not something she wants to tell you what make it quick what I can’t you was she saying I don’t know she said it was important I saw that video cat video you came here to tell me about a cat video no look this is bad timing you […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep2 / S1

would you like to star in our new chess video blog episode your what our chess video blog every week and make a new one the new chest lesson it’s going to be some awesome after 22 subscribers yeah eight of those are Howard speak account they’re not fake they’re subscribers for my gaming channel […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep3 / S1

oh my god Devo Khloe Kardashian who Khloe hello the youngest Kardashian sister what does that have to do with chess nothing look she just posted a steak face you mean stink face no steak face I don’t understand what’s a stank face it’s like stink but it’s stank if it’s past tense then it […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep1 / S1

We’re gonna to be late for cheer! I know. And that’s ok? It’ll be fine. Are you sure about this? Yes. I just don’t get it. Look, don’t even worry about cheer. You wouldn’t even be on the squad if it weren’t for me. Okay. You’re my friend, right? Of course! We do things together. […]

The Girl Without a Phone – A Cinderella Story

Did you know that in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ she didn’t actually kiss the frog? Well of course she did! It turned into a prince after she threw it against a wall! Seriously? According to Brothers Grimm. Some of these old fairy tales, they’re not what we think they are. Well, I like the […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club Ep3 / S2

-Friendly Music Plays -Continues *Jazz Music Plays* So, are you coming tonight? Of course You didn’t last year… I’m not afraid of parties.. So, do you think we should invite any *bites pickle* Boys? I Don’t Know, Maybe.. Well *chewing* do you want me to? Pauses- like who? Who…Do…You…Think??? I don’t know.. Yes,you do. I […]