Ah, good day everyone and welcome to today’s video where I have myself A nice little dog toy that I’m playing with because these boys have a lot of energy today don’t they? Huh do you..up whoa you can jump high! Let’s see if Wolfy can catch it in his mouth Ready Wolfy? Catch! Oh […]

Let’s Play Last to Leave The Circle Hello Neighbor In Real Life! Hide and Seek!

How to Make Hide & Seek Slime

Hi everyone! It’s Emmy. Welcome back to another Kid-O-Craft. Today I will be sharing with you another slime recipe, but this time it’s a little bit different in the sense that it’s more of an activity. So, it’s called Hide & Seek Slime and it allows your kids to look for things in their slime. […]

Catch the Snake Game – More Great Fun and Monkey Doos on the Learning Videos Channel

The name of this game is “Catch the Snake”. First you form a straight line with your friends. Then you grab hold of the person in front of you. The object of the game is for the head of the snake- the person in front of the line- to try and tag the tail. Or […]

2 Name Games: Name and Movement, Princesses and Dragons

Welcome to this video of the Name Games. These methods are a part of the Energizers, Name Games, and Introduction activities category in this video we present two name games Name and Movement and Princesses and Dragons name games is an important part in the beginning of the training or any other educational activity addressing […]

How to Play Checkers

How to Play Checkers. This game may seem old-fashioned, but it’s just as challenging as a video game—and your grandparents will actually know how to play it! You will need A checker board 12.0 black checkers 12.0 red checkers and another player. Step 1. Sit across from the other player, with the board between you. […]

How to exploit your opponent’s bad piece?

Hello everyone! Let’s see a brilliant Capablanca’s win in this video. It’s a very typical game on topic “How to use opponent’s bad piece?”. The game was played in Hastings, 1919. Capablanca was Black against William Winter and let’s see what happened in the game. Well, game of four knights (opening). Bb5, Bb4, 0-0, 0-0 […]

Initiative in Chess by IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

Hello all! Today, we’ll analyze a game between Alexander Delchev and Vladimir Kostic. Bulgarian GM Delchev played with White pieces against Serbian GM Kostic at Serbian Cup Final in 2011. I was witnessed that game, I watched that game live and I remember that game made very strong impressions. White started with c4. Black continues […]

Power of centralised pieces in chess

Hello everyone! 🙂 Now in this video, I’ll show you some remarkable game played between Akiba Rubinstein. He played with White pieces, against Grigory Levenfish. It was played in Karlsbad, 1911. Rubinstein started with 1.d4 but after 1…e6 2.e4 d5, the game was switched to French Defense. Nc3, Nf6 and Bg5. Well, Be7 was Black’s […]