2 Name Games: Name and Movement, Princesses and Dragons

Welcome to this video of the Name Games. These methods are a part of the Energizers, Name Games, and Introduction activities category in this video we present two name games Name and Movement and Princesses and Dragons name games is an important part in the beginning of the training or any other educational activity addressing […]

Children’s Songs & Handplay : Teaching Kids “Crack an Egg on Your Head” Song

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village now we’ll show you some fun things to do with some older children if your sitting around and waiting for something. This one is called X marks the spot and it’s a little routine you do to try to give your child a chill with goose bumps all over, […]

How to Play Checkers

How to Play Checkers. This game may seem old-fashioned, but it’s just as challenging as a video game—and your grandparents will actually know how to play it! You will need A checker board 12.0 black checkers 12.0 red checkers and another player. Step 1. Sit across from the other player, with the board between you. […]