Truce or Dare: Part 2 | Mecard | Episode 25

(JASON) Truce or Dare! Part two!Where do these creepy Mecardimals of Darkness come from, anyway? I’m surprised your brother was strong enough to claim one of them. He didn’t. El Topo gaveGeryon to him.Seriously? Not that El Topo guy again! He gave Ryan and me a tough battle. Did El Topo send you? Nobody sent […]

WAX MUSEUM | Batman Missions | Mattel Action!

(intense music) (bats screeching) (computer sounds) – Just two bad guys left, Batman. (beeping) – This just in, The Joker has broken Harley Quinn out of Arkham Asylum. – Guess their break up became a break out. (alarms) – [Computer] Mission Alert. Robbery in progress. Gotham Museum of Antiquities and Curiosities. – Mission: Go. (car […]