Crossover Point Accuracy

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Marv has asked us a question about the crossover point. We’ve always known that we need to hit that ball into the elbow but Marv wants to know how accurate that needs to be. So to be really effective here you do need to be very accurate because if […]

X-Shim Re-Test: Rock River Arms AR-15 Accuracy with FMJ and BTHP Ammunition

in my last video I tested the X-Shim which is a product that takes up the gap between the upper and lower receivers on an ar-15 getting rid of that rattle and wobble that you get especially as a rifle ages mostly I wanted to see if the X-Shim would help increase the precision of […]

Why Humans will have fewer and fewer chances against Chess Computers!

Morning all, I wanted to talk about a very interesting position that occurred in the last few weeks. There was a lot of discussion on this position. Something occurred in the post-mortem analysis of a blitz game against a planet named superstructure who was high rated at time on the five-minute auto pairing. He was […]