Accident Of Table Tennis – Adam Bobrow

Adam’s face was smashed down the table He fell down and lay motionless This is a very dangerous situation

Bepanah Pyaar – 6th August 2019 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

What is it, Pragati? Aunt, I saw the lights on so I.. What happened? You are still awake? I could not sleep. Even you are up. Were you occupied with something, this late? ‘Bani! Bani!’ I was searching for the truth. – What? I could not sleep either. You are still up so late.. This […]

CHESS SCANDAL in Swiercz (2654) – Wojtaszek (2713) game at Polish Chess Championship

Welcome to the studio Grandmasters Radosław Wojtaszek and Dariusz Świercz. I hope, you will see him in the moment. -Easy, easy I’ll come closer a little bit -Come on guys, get closer! Gentlemen’s played a great game against each other, but first of all I wanna show them a material which were presented for our […]