How technology helps a blind retired man stay active

You’re listening to a Community Story from Be My Eyes. Hello, I’m Anthony from Malta. I am 66. When I was eight and a half, I had an accident in which I had suffered amputation of my left hand, and another two fingers from my right hand. It was very hard afterwards to continue even […]

Gloomhaven – Tutorial

Hey welcome to Dibs On Blue! My name is Stephanie and this is my sign name. Today I want to show how to play this game, Gloomhaven. The game publisher is Cephalofair Games. You can play with 1 to 4 players. I want to give you enough information to be able to dive right in […]

AppTV: Chess-Wise Gaming

– Hi, everyone, welcome back to another episode of App TV, I’m Richard Harlow. Today we’re going over a new gaming app. This one’s sure to impress, fancy a little chess? – Join me, Tasia Custode. – And me, Richard Harlow. – [Tasia] For another episode of APP TV. – Chess-wise, spelled with a hyphen […]