Bob Eubanks on hosting Mark Goodson’s game show “Trivia Trap” –

Cheviot chap was my first mark Goodson show Goodson didn’t like Chuck Barris period and so anybody that associated with Chuck Barris could tune in light so one night at the airport on an all-nighter and I meet Goodson’s attorney and I said Jeremy what’s going on and he won’t even audition me and he […]

“Think, Plan and Win” (GM Igor Smirnov’s chess seminar) – Introduction

Welcome into the recording of my Indian seminars, where you’ll learn the most powerful ideas from the 11 years of my chess coaching experience. While teaching chess through the Remote Chess Academy, I got a lot of students and friends from India.They requested my live training for quite some time. Finally, I gave up and […]

Corner Pawn Attack in Chess – Part 1

Hi guys, this is Grandmaster Levan Aroshdize and today, we’ll have another video lesson. Our theme is “Corner Pawn Attack”. This is a very famous, powerful and dangerous weapon in chess and it could be used in the different stages of the chess game. For example, starting from the opening without all pieces at the […]

Corner Pawn Attack in Chess – Part 2

Another example: This is an example from the Sutovsky’s game. Sutovsky, a well-known Grandmaster. And here, there is different side castles. Both sides try to attack. Mainly, Black tries to have some control over the d-file. So, how Sutovsky continues here to create pressure? He plays b5. First of all, Sutovsky avoids any kind of […]

Your Top Chess Questions, Answered – preview

Hi there! I’m Igor Smirnov, International Grandmaster and a chess coach. There is an interesting paradox about chess learning. Thousands of chess tutorials are easily accessible. These days, they are everywhere. Still, most of the chess players struggle to achieve an advance level. Why does this happen? What do you think? Simply put, those chess […]

Gambit Rules

Hi I’m Igor Smirnov, International Grandmaster and a chess coach. And you’re welcome into this new lesson called “Gambit Rules”. Recently, I received an e-mail from my student where he shared his game with me.