Into the Breach through Chess and Puzzles (Into the Breach Review/Critique)

I’m Leonardo and I used to play chess against myself, [and] I never expected Into the Breach to rekindle that memory. In middle school, I was happy enough to play tetris, mario and pokemon on my red brick, but I didn’t know that what I really wanted was an interesting system to explore. I didn’t […]

The Truth About Trump’s Twitter

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, it is a popular belief among leftists, and indeed probably a lot of centrists, and some conservatives, that Trump’s notorious tweets are random, careless, and unhinged. Well, I’m here to tell you Trump’s every tweet is, actually, meticulously strategic, more so than I think even the faithful […]

Making a Solid Carbon Fiber Chess Piece

What’s up my dudes in today’s video I’ll be making what I believe is the first chess piece ever made out of a solid block of carbon fiber So I’ll be using the thickest piece of carbon fiber I have available which is this cube here? and it’s about an inch and a half thick […]