Surprised with a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired table and chess set!

This is my friend Brian and I designing a table that will soon become the ultimate Christmas gift surprise for his wife Lori since they’ve talked for years about having a place where they could always have a game of chess going on. What Brian doesn’t know is that I’m going to surprise him…because the […]

How to Copy (almost) Any Object

Hello and welcome back to Switch and Lever! I’m sure I am not alone in having some precious objects around me which I wish I had more of. If only there was a way to copy physical objects in a similar way to sticking it into a copy machine and hitting print. Surprisingly, it may […]

Colin Rice describes his 3D printed travel chess board

Okay Colin, I’m going to show the people this amazing 3D printed chess board. I understand that the board itself you designed. Can you tell me how you did it? Colin: Well I used a program that is online, it’s called Tinkercad. And I just, it was very easy to make because it’s a very […]