Internal end grain strip on the moulding of the chessboard frame

I often insert contrasting strip between playing field and the frame of the chessboard For example, padauk strip was inserted between ash frame and the playing field in this chessboard I had an idea to insert the same strip directly on the moulding I don’t know if I will be able to do this accurate, […]

An accurate inlay into chessboard

This chessboard will be made of walnut and maple This is an easy project with the exception of the thin cherry inlay This square inlay must fit the edges of 64 squares of chessboard This is possible to make only on CNC This corner will be inserted into the square So I will make 10×10 […]

End grain birch/sapele chessboard with the solid squares

Some time ago I made chessboard of bog oak and maple The same customer ask me to make the similar board but with the solid (not glued) squares The square size is 2.5″ or 63.5 mm It is very hard to buy such thick lumber I have only two woods of the needed thickness: sapele […]

Как сделать торцевую шахматную доску

I am going to make an end grain chessboard of bog oak and maple The square size will be 2.25′ or 57 mm the playing surface – 456×456 mm, the base – about 560×560 mm I will show the whole making process This is two-level chessboard The playing surface will be about 10 mm higher […]