But how does bitcoin actually work?

What does it mean to have a bitcoin? Many people have now heard of bitcoin, that’s it’s a fully digital currency, with no government to issue it and no banks needed to manage accounts and verify transactions. That no one actually knows who invented it. Yet many people don’t know the answer to this question, […]

Solving the heat equation | DE3

We last left off studying the heat equation in the one-dimensional case of a rod the question is how the temperature distribution along such a rod will tend to change over time and This gave us a nice first example for a partial differential equation It told us that the rate at which the temperature […]

Matrix multiplication as composition | Essence of linear algebra, chapter 4

It is my experience that proofs involving matrices can be shortened by 50% if one throws matrices out. — Emil Artin Hey everyone! Where we last left off, I showed what linear transformations look like and how to represent them using matrices. This is worth a quick recap, because it’s just really important. But of […]

What is backpropagation really doing? | Deep learning, chapter 3

Here we tackle backpropagation, the core algorithm behind how neural networks learn. After a quick recap for where we are, the first thing I’ll do is an intuitive walkthrough for what the algorithm is actually doing without any reference to the formulas, Then for those of you who do want to dive into the math, […]