BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!! 📦😱 The Walking Dead Box Fort!

previously on the last episode infecting the people is the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person activating the virus now slim we wave when we get out there there might be zombies who want you to follow me we’re gonna run as fast as we can to the woods don’t […]

24 Hour BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT ELEVATOR CHALLENGE! Working Elevator, Gaming Room & More!

hi guys we are heading up there it goes guys Logan’s elevator is going down coming out alright there you go guys the elevator stop the spoon is not clean enough to be in the billionaire box board ladies and gentlemen of this company I have brought you here today to this investors meeting that’s […]

Last One Found Wins $10,000! Nerf Hide And Seek Challenge

then you’re throwing down we’re just gonna hide in here don’t come down guys look at how sweet this is Shawn hey bubble up and everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and guys today is a brand new day and we are back home finally from sunny California […]

REAL LIFE BOX FORT POOL! Jet Ski, Ball Pit Balls & More!

what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new bit and what are you doing you can’t be doing that on the just tried to tackle me I don’t know why you tried to do that man that’s not cool Jake it was a good old-fashioned sneak up attack […]