Pt 3: One Piece Prototype vs 40mm vs 38mm Table Tennis Balls – Players Impressions

[Me] What about visibility, did you find that ball easier to see… the new one? – Yeah, only because it’s a lot bigger. – Bigger. [Me] Could you actually tell the difference between all three? – Yes, you could see the difference in size. – Yes. – [Me] Even between the 40mm? – Yeah you […]

How To Play Snake on Youtube

how to play snake game on youtube click on a long youtube video pause the youtube video use th kayboard to play the snake game make the snake eat all the eggs have fun playing the snake game and eating eggs that is how you play the snake game on youtube

‘CARROM’ Tamil Short Film – 2014

Carrom is a life for some, For some it’s just a game, For some it’s an entertainment. This story is about how these four guys play…… Just see how I pot the Red coin! First brush your teeth! First Carrom, everything next. By the way, where is Karthy? He will be coming Hey pocket the […]