HIDE AND SEEK IN OUR HOUSE (surprised at the end)

So now I have to plug the diss track, so let’s do it [sniffs] One… Two… Yo! What’s up guys? I’m Emilio Martinez and today, we’re going to play hide and seek But look guys, this morning its, I just woke up and look at this morning, it’s so beautiful. I don’t know, I’m back […]

Top 10 Newest Pokemon

My sandaconda don’t, my sanaconda don’t, my sanaconda don’t want none unless you got pokepuffs hon. Greetings Gamers and welcome back to top 10 gaming, im your host connor munro and I am a lyrical genius. If you’re new here or haven’t yet be sure to like and subscribe to top 10 gaming, for daily […]

NUMBERJACKS | 1, 2, 3, Go | S1E38

Top 10 Insane Hide and Seek Fails

Hide and seek fails Hello most amazing top tenners! I am Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about some pretty hilarious hide and seek fails. You guys know who’s awful at hide and seek? Children and animals. Although one persons awful is another persons cute – here are ten cute….but hilarious hide and seek […]

10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World. Number 10, Asian Vine Snake. This snake has an extraordinary geometric pattern to it scales. This pattern is highlighted when the snake feels threatened and expands its body, revealing the black and white between the green scales. When relaxed, the snake has what looks like a very slender, […]

The Rules of Olympic Weightlifting – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Olympic Weightlifting The object of the game is to lift more combined weight than your opponents. Weightlifting, sometimes referred to as Olympic Weightlifting is a true test of strength and power. Weightlifters are separated into weight class and must successfully lift a barbell with weights over their heads with complete […]

Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again

Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again Connor, have a no name brand chocolate bar. What why? You get a little strange when you’re hungry. Wait, so you don’t want the time stone? Greetings gamers welcome back to top 10 gaming, I’m your host Connor Munro and today I’m […]

10 Secret Societies That Run The World

Elite Facts Presents 10 Secret Societies that Run the World 10. Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn Last up we have a society that is said to be as occult as it’s possible to be. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was formed from a branch of the Freemasons, and hales Alaister Crowley and […]

The Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World So you’ve probably heard of tennis, basketball or Football (which soccer to you Americans) – but you’ve probably not come across any of these sports, each one weirder than the last. And no, I’m not yanking your chain, these sports are real. 1. Sepak Takraw […]