Kurt Hugo Schneider answers Life’s BIG Questions!

-Ba-ba-ba-na. SoulPancake. -My name is Kurt Hugo Schneider, and my channel is youtube.com/KurtHugoSchneider. I make music, I produce videos, and I try to make it good. The first video I ever made that meant something to me has got to be probably the first video I ever made, which was, embarrassingly enough, a cover of […]

Rainn battles Magnus Carlsen in CHESS | Metaphysical Milkshake BONUS!

-What the world has been waiting for, the ultimate chess showdown, showdown, showdown — Rainn Wilson versus number-one in the world ranked Magnus Carlsen. Speed-chess extravaganza, -ganza, -ganza. He gets one minute. I get five minutes. Ready? Boom, boom. [ Audio fast-forwards ] Ohh! [ Laughs ] I hate you so bad. What’s happening here? […]

Rainn & Magnus Carlsen get Metaphysical over Chess | Metaphysical Milkshake

[ Dramatic music plays ] -Take a sip from your soul On a metaphysical milkshake -SoulPancakers, I am so thrilled to be here with one of my all time heroes, truly the number-one chess player in the world, the youngest international grandmaster champion of all time, Mr. Magnus Carlsen. [ Imitates crowd cheering ] What, […]