стоит ли покупать премиум аккаунт? Деньги на ветер!

здравствуйте друзья с вами Александр и как я уже обещал я купил премиум аккаунт на сайте на этом самый дешевый и самый доступный из возможных и включил только премиальные участники в год он стал активный е выделил бы тот ног это чем бокс на жалобы сохранил все и вроде бы должно все работы но […]

Sushi 🍣 + Play Chess (Family Vlog+challenge) = Суши + шахматы ♘славно поиграли #Dуэлянт🔫

0: 00: 01.360,0: 00: 03,360 Hello! 0: 00: 03.360,0: 00: 06,560 You channel Duelists 0: 00: 06.560,0: 00: 08,560 and what will happen today, you will learn today 0: 00: 09.960,0: 00: 11,540 Hello! 0: 00: 11.540,0: 00: 12,249 we are happy to see you 0: 00: 12.249,0: 00: 15.150 friends 0: 00: 15.159,0: 00: […]

Шахматы для троих

Hi! I’m Korney. I will tell you about unusual chess. This is chess for three players. The rules are almost the same as those of regular chess. But a game develops completely differently. There are unexpected changes. There are special nuances. And this is a good reason for three friends to come together. Chess arose […]

3 years old russian boy play chess with father

Iv-Iv (mean police car) Yeh, let’s play. Begin I’am move this way I’am move this way Have you eat? No. I’ve moved This way? Yes Why have you moved this way? just like that No, too far, Pasha Two forward, one sideways Yes I’am move this way I’am move this way Why did you do […]

Sounds of long nails on a chessboard

Today I will play my nails with chess Write in the comments, whether you like this game with nails I feel the board with my nails, tapping its edges Inside this box, chess figures Tuk-tuk-tuk figurines. Now someone is playing with you … What an interesting lock, and how interesting it sounds. Mmmmm …. I […]

Iliqchuan is the way of playing chess

One hand is above, another is under. Just to be equal And now he is doing first move, unbalance me I am not resisting And now i am observing: what happened He closed my lower back and turned off my shoulder-joint As a result my energy do not circulates anymore If I am trying to […]

Nigel Short vs Garry Kasparov Chess Blitz


Шахматы для начинающих. Конфликты в дебюте. Обучение шахматам.

Greetings, chess fans. And welcome to chess training channel. This video is primarily for beginners and today we will talk about conflict in chess. It is very useful from the beginning to understand what a conflict is and who benefits the most from it. This will save you from many mistakes and pitfalls. After watching […]

Aronian caught Nakamura on the chess rule “touch – move!” Great Chess Blunder!

The position on the screen arose in the game Aronian – Nakamura on the candidates tournament in Moscow in 2016. White has an extra pawn, but black shouldn’t let to move the white King on the sixth rank. Nakamura was tired. And after the move Ra2 and Rd7 he touch the black King. Guess what […]

Russian Chess Vocabulary – Slow Russian with English subtitles

Hello everyone! Daria here, and welcome to another slow Russian video. This month I was visiting my Granny in Chelyabinsk, and in the old attic I found the old chess board. And I know that among my students there are several people… at least one person. Hello Mike 😉 … who like chess and who […]