Taboo Witcher DPS vs 6 Goblin Mech Best Build | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #22

Taboo Witcher DPS vs 6 Goblin Mech Best Build | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #22

Moshi – Moshi Twitch let’s continue our journey but before we start turn on your ENGLISH SUBTITLE for a better experience and don’t forget to Like share and Subscribe to my video also I put
suggestion video above if you want to Know how to play on Android emulator
before waiting for iOS release and Global release ok and so let’s continue
our journey Let’s try not to go goblin and mech but if we have to then let’s pick it Okay.. Suddenly..

Let’s Lock Nice..

Let’s take the Redaxe Chief as well Well we buy everything after the lock, nice.. If the game give me Werewolf it would be perfect it would be super perfect Werewolf and
Razorclaw then we go Beast Build Let’s get the Druids and Two Taboo Witchers Gimme Werewolf please game πŸ™ This one is alright Maybe i will go Druids, Beast and Warrior Build Good, let’s finish him We have all the HEALS, we are so tanky
but no DPS though. We need some DPS *I am confuse which one to put in* I want the interest better than the DPS *so i sell the Windranger to save more Gold* That was a good decision *Putting in Taboo Witcher is burning the enemy mana* Let’s use this formation for now Gimme some OISHI ROLL then i upgrade, maybe next round. I have to be level 7 fast, I don’t want to lose my advantage *Looking at the enemy builds* Goblin and Mechs *The guy have the same avatar as me LOL XD* I need to get the Razorclaw to get the beast combo OISHI ITEMS i’ll just casually put in the Doom, let’s play Demon Build maybe.. Suddenly i lose hard, because of the Glacier Clan Do i fight agaisnt that guy again???? Be patient, lose few rounds is alright i need my druids to level up πŸ™ DRAW Two more Argali Knights and One more Taboo Witcher for upgrade GG, what is that guy’s build.
He level 9 already!? OMG! No joke man, I have to catch up to him OMG, he has all the META 6 Goblin Mechs but let’s try to win this game. Okay, which guy is that who is beating me

Next round i can put in the Razorclaw I need upgrade these two Nice Okay GG i got Taboo Witcher 3 Star with DPS items Crystal Swords & Frantic Mask, Taboo Witcher Carry Part 2 *Part 1 is my #16 gameplay video LOL XD* Which unit we should put in last This will be my last unit I think i think i can still survive one more round and put in my last unit NO UPGRADE FOR THIS? Damnnnn Okay let’s try this Let’s give the mana items to Helicopter Is it enough to win agaisnt the META build, Goblin Mechs YEAH TABOO WITCHER HARD CARRY I should disable the Devastator, i think this goes right here right Or notttttttttt Okay Chat, tried my best. Got 2nd place *wrong positioning LOL XD* I have my Taboo Witcher Carry and all the Druids but still cannot beat THE 6 GOBLIN MECH That’s it for today chat ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU
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4 thoughts on “Taboo Witcher DPS vs 6 Goblin Mech Best Build | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #22

  1. Moshi – Moshi,

    Thanks for your support guys, start from now i will put ENGLISH Subtitles to my English Auto Chess Gameplay video.

    For your better experience just turn on your English Subtitles

    I am still on progress on updating my previous video subtitles

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  2. Cara liat combo yang bagus buat game itu gmna bang? Sering kali gk keluar piecenya karena slah bca piece

  3. Saran bro.. mungkin waktu ambil piece ato, tukar piece atau jual piece dibilang alesannya buat apa biar bisa sambil bljar viewernya..

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