Table Tennis at the Olympic Games #273

Table Tennis at the Olympic Games #273

One of my strongest memories of the
Olympics is playing against Timo Boll and Jorg Rosskopf. Two incredible table
tennis players. Obviously Timo Boll one of the best players in the world
Jorg Rosskopf was World doubles champion and then we were
playing them in doubles so you know it’s going to be really tough match for us
but we went out onto the court and they announced timo boll and your Jorg Rosskopf and of
course the Australian crowd give them a nice little clap and then they announced myself
and Brett Clarke and the crowd went bananas just so loud and I look over and I
see ya Jorg and Timo just giving each other
a little smiles saying we’re going to teach these guys a lesson and you know but it
was just such a great experience to be playing at home in front of such a big
crowd and you know they gave us heaps of support. Didn’t help us in that match
they destroyed us but it did help us in our first match because our first match
was against the Cuban pair and it was a really early on the first day of the
Olympics. The Cuban people a bit nervous we got a good start and beat them i
think 21 10 in the first set and then they calmed down a bit and they had a game point
in the second set but we managed to you know finish off a good rally get to
20 all and then when 22 20 to be the first
Australian doubles pair to win a game at the Olympics. Thanks for joining us on this week’s
show the theme the Olympic Games will hear
some more for me about my experiences at the Sydney Olympics and also we’re going
to look at some old suitcases full of stuff that I’ve collected from the
Olympics and see what’s in them hope you enjoy the show stay with us to
believe that it’s been 16 years since the Sydney two thousand olympics I’ve got some old stuff here that I
haven’t looked through for ages i’m not even sure what it is but it’ll be you
know interesting just to take a look at it and see what it is it the Australian
Olympic team it’s the yeah table tennis competitior Jeff Plumb let’s see what’s in it all right it’s
the Sydney 2000 Olympic coin set five dollars check that out i want to park a setting
for dollars and we don’t even have a five dollar coin in Australia but there you
go I made it to the games news article and personal management for aspiring
Olympic athletes want a document that one is and yes some little documents on the
life in the Olympic Village the Olympic Village officially opens on the second
set came back two thousand well this time the strain team precinct
within the olympic village will be set up and fully operational The big yellow case i can’t
remember exactly we got this as well when we first got there let’s just check
yet our he go this is your accreditation you had to
had to wear that around with you everywhere and you know a lot of people
find this a little bit silly but it’s got the on the back of it the australian
national anthem just in case people didn’t know it so to make sure you never
were lost for words when you are singing the song go here we go here is the the
official commemorative medal check this one out of the Olympic Games there Wow lovely oh and he go this is interesting to
geoff blum from as the Australian Sports drug agency d Mr plumb I’m running to notify you that the drug
test sample 2013 13 you provided on the twentieth of the fourth two thousand has
been analyzed and found to be negative years not a drug take a great to hear boxing kangaroo flag everyone needs one of these the boxing
kangaroo oh and does anyone wear watch these days
straight olympic team or watch uh who doesn’t want one of those and the
Aspire newsletter now this is kind of old fashioned every day at the Olympic
Village they produce their little newsletter for everyone in the team and
it would just give the news about who won gold medals none of us table tennis people
unfortunately but yeah nowadays i guess it would all be
electronic emails and stuff old-fashioned another one of the five
dollar coins there’s ten dollars worth I’ve got here awesome and then another great part of going to
the Olympics is getting free clothing who doesn’t like free stuff and I
haven’t opened the suitcase for a long time but there’s apparently a lot of
clothes in here so let’s just see if the suitcase opens what are you yes
forgotten about this this was the the dinner that we had at the Olympic
Village and at the end i think i said for everyone to leave the during the day
but no one left the during everyone took up don’t tell him that I’ve got it yeah so
that the the dinner from the Olympic Village and then he is all the audio
track suits so much clothes you got to try and track suit some of them are pretty ugly this one
was pretty nice though I like that one in the strain logo and the the olympic
rings and then years some of the yeah some of the opening and closing stuff
you know not not the prettiest that you’re going to wear anywhere else but
you know maybe I thought it would look good on TV and I could use an iron
couldn’t it but you know yell I probably not my best
color and then you just more tracks ‘as are you this was the bag we had to wear
around i think with the at the opening ceremony there you go that was to hold the pillow case are
these are the playing the playing gear that’s the playing shirt there we have
that’s what we wore during the games and then the short some more shorts are you
and then there was an alternate playing one as well here you go just the yellow with the Sunni two
thousand and the olympic rings and australia on the back and yeah more short and are you here we
go check out this stuff this was like a against me to be like the color of is
Rocco guru as it’s known and it was a look at that fancy stuff on the inside
where check it out so that was it with the
pants i’m not sure about those pants but you know maybe look too hard on TV and
then of course who doesn’t need and not as green booth with the coat of arms and
the olympic rings in it and then check out some of these great shoes that you
get you can see these green ones here they’re almost wearable like they look
like sneakers a little bit but these white ones ticking how bright they are
you really gonna wear them at any way I think the only person that could use
those is a less when he’s doing a bit of disco dancing the opening ceremony is
just a fantastic event to be part of we almost weren’t going to be allowed to
march in the opening ceremony because it was on a Friday not and a first match
was at nine a.m. the next morning and the management staff alike are but you
know it’s going to be a late night you know you’re going to be tired you can be
sitting around you really going to be able to perform your best the next day
and I kind of like it how many times are you gonna be in this
position of course we have to remind you know imagine the you know the excitement
we’re going to generate from that and how that’s going to help us the next
morning so luckily we got to march and because Australia was the host nation australia comes at last so we were
sitting in the the gymnastic stadium before hand and I
sort of had the opening ceremony on the big screen because had a son of watch it
so we missed a lot of the actual action beforehand but then when it was time to
march at the whole team is like far over 500 in the Australian picked a name that
year yeah went down mass into the stadium and
you can just hear they’re at their crowd just roar just the latter thing you’ve
ever heard as you walk in and then you do a whole lap of the stadium and
they’re just roaring the whole time we had a little boxing kangaroo soft toys
the hand out there were throwing them into the crowd yes certainly made us feel like
celebrities so yeah so after the excitement of the opening ceremony and
we had to wake up early the next day get down for a nine o’clock match there was a strange situation that year
because of the the way the teams have been selected there was just one match
to be a qualifying actually get into the main draw so we actually had to play off
against the Cuban pair to qualify for the main draw so that was nine o’clock
if we lost that match we were out of the Olympics interestingly at the Olympics you’ve got
all the team gear but then you’ve got your own table tennis bat and your own
table tennis shoes so they don’t provide shoes because obviously you know you
could wear slightly different brand but because of the way the Olympic works
you’re not allowed to have any logos on your shoes so you have to tape up all
the brands on issues beforehand the only logo that can show is your team
uniform and it has to be quite small and not sure of the specifics but yes so
everything has to be taped up after we beat the Cubans we had two more matches
on that Saturday against Yugoslavia and Germany so you have the tmobile George
Ross cock match unfortunately we lost both of those that
do the end up putting us out of the tournament so then we had two weeks in the olympic
village just to watch all the other olympic sports that was fantastic we’re
watching a basketball and running of course lots of the table tennis
swimming straight a really strong strong swimming team at that time so it’s just
a fantastic you know to be a spectator much all these other
brilliant athletes compete so the table tennis that year was really interesting wallner was aging and Conlon he was in
his prime those two met in the final calling here
we got off to a great start was up to set to nil waldy for back to games all but then in
the fifth game calling hughie came and got a really big lead and basically you
know took any chance away from all the winning and what really surprised me I kind of remember the final score but
the last . well they’re just basically gave up he just flicked the ball into
the net went up and shook his hand I was like I know the chances from that fire
day and not much of winning but surely you would find it out the whole way yeah but i guess it was only one . and
so calling hughie Olympic champion in two thousand the best results for
Australia was the women’s doubles with Shirley gel and me out reach the
quarterfinals and had quite a close match in the quarterfinals but what a
great effort that’s still the farthest that any strain has progressed brilliant
effort by the girls and you know hopefully one day we’ll get even a step
further go overseas the other question I get
asked about all the time is the dining hall so they just had this big hole like
massive hole full of food lots of choices there’s a mac is in there but
there’s also like get chinese and Australian and all sorts of different
foods you just go in and it’s all free they have ice cream stand we can just go
and get magnums the best ice cream all for free and yes especially after
we’d finished competing so we didn’t have to worry about you know a proper .
we were just eating everything and anything it was just awesome but then what happens is after the two
weeks are up you come out and you go back to normal
life and you walk to a store and you like do I really have to pay for that
Magnum it’s such as such a bizarre experience
that you really I just treated like a celebrity for those two weeks and then
there then it’s back to normal life the typical way this way is how to get
off to a good start in a one important thing to consider when you
are wanting to get off to a good start in a match is your routine before the
match you need to think about even that half
an hour the hour and perhaps even the day before what do you do that helps you to get
ready to play a good match and to start well so if you look at the best players
in the world what they will do is they will have a set routine in that hour or
two hours beforehand they will know when they’re going to wait when they’re going
to be hitting when they’re going to be resting when they’re going to be sitting down
and listening to music perhaps and also thinking about technically what they are
going to need to do in that match often when the club player goes out and
plays it’s a matter of all right my turn to apply pick up my bad off we go and let’s start so really try
to think now about helps and match that you played well in and what did you do
in that hour or two hours before you play that match did you ate what types of things did you
wait did you practice what type of practice did you do did you rest and
also when you actually get onto the table then let’s also consider what
you’re going to do on the table here’s some things that i would
recommend in the two hours before definitely you need to practice for at
least half an hour of things that you’re going to utilize in the match start off
with some general hitting perhaps but then we need to get much more specific
we need to make sure that you’re doing some serving some return of serve some
third ball drills and you also need to prepare yourself physically so and do a
good physical warm up do a bit of a jog around get your heart
rate up get yourself sweating get the the body ready to play at an important
match you also need to spend a bit of time
thinking tactically all right you know who you’re going to play next what tactics do i need to employ what
types of service do i need to do what type of returns don’t they like where do
they like the ball coming where do they not like the ball coming in the rally
all of those things if you just spend a few minutes beforehand thinking about once you get onto the table they’re
already recorded up here and they’re already starting to work in your
subconscious it’s not been a matter of ok all its
love all where am I going to serve to all of
that’s already in there and you much better prepared don’t forget there’s the pink skills but
where you can record all of that information so that when you work it out
for this time you’ve got it in the vault and ready to activate next time you play
that opponent or next time you play any match now it’s time for a two minute warm-up
what I want you to do is to make sure that you’re really do during that two
minutes so even when the ball goes off you need
to be active run and grab the ball and come back so that way you you’re standing to maintain your heart
right from getting the heart rate up before you play the game so don’t stand
there and exclusive back ends like this he said to be active start to use your
legs use your counter hit but also make sure
you use your top swim strokes and you don’t be afraid to get around and pivot on the backhand side if that’s what you
do in a mac situation then we’re going to swap over so usually do a minute on both sides and
make sure again on the forehand side that you’re nice and active there are a few minutes a few top spins
and also just give a couple of balls hard now that the protocol for when you’re
warming up is to make sure you do hit the ball consistently and a lot of the
time but don’t be afraid to just hit one or two balls hard just to get the feel
of that at the start of the match as well so that then when you’re ready to
play that game the first . you’re active your heart
rates up and you’re ready to go the drill of the way this way is for
hand anywhere in memory of rusev minute 2004 Olympic champion to build up to the
drove the wake of four hand anyway we’re just going to build up by doing a four
hand for hand foot work drugs but that just get you moving into those two
positions and getting you active with your legs so from that with
then going to go anywhere so i might and say – Jeff that the first ball is going
to go to the four hand corner but then after that I’m going to play
the ball anyway especially if you’re a forehand dominant player this is a drill that you can utilize in
the training situation initially you could do it fairly
consistently and then after a couple of minutes you might want to play a
stronger yeah yeah you can also do this drill with multi
ball yeah and let me tell ya that drill of the
week get your a real good worker remember
when this week we’re taking a look back at the 2004 olympics when reducing mean
to look at the title yeah strong for all that’s what it’ll do to keep him under
pressure so today’s remember when is about rusev
min we’ve got some footage there from 2010
six years after he won the olympic gold medal in Athens in 2004 difficult to get
footage of that 2004 win because the IOC are really strict about their and their
guidelines with that with video but at least we get a little bit of a chance to
see Jerusalem mean playing those four hands from all over the table and in
2004 he was in his prime he was covering the
whole table with four hands I remember clearly that semi-final match
that he played against young of a volna a walnut gone through the drawer and you
know there was a lot of stuff happening around will be the king of Sweden had
been there to watch him in his quarterfinal the king of Sweden was
there to watch his semi-final against Jerusalem in Jerusalem mean was just
devastating he was absolutely were ripping his
pendulum topspin serves while they just couldn’t control it couldn’t keep it
down and then that was basically game over because then that allowed rusev
mean in with his forehand topspin where ever the ball win and he was just
devastated that got him into the final against when he’ll now before the final
Russa min talks about he had no pressure on him because when hell was the
definite favorite you know Chinese had really dominated now for a while they
were the best players in the world when Lee Chin had been knocked out in the semi-final
bye-bye when he’ll add when hair was in top form but there was that a little bit of a
doubt when he’ll had failed before and would he fail again and i think that was
rusev means little chink that he found that he could exploit the final he went
in and he knew that to win he had to attack he had to get out there
and play a strong aggressive game he did that he lost the first game then was up
three games to one up 84 in the fifth game and suddenly the
little mine started ticking can I be Olympic champion and you know
we will feel that when we’re in a club match you know if we’re up for up against
someone that we haven’t beaten before or or in a big match and one starts
thinking imagine the pressure on rusul mean at 84 up in the fifth game of an
Olympic final and he admit to himself that he started to think about the
finish line he started to think about or i could actually win a gold medal
here and what happened he stopped playing the game that had got
him to that massive lead he stopped attacking he allowed wing how
back into the match when he took his opportunity and took that fifth game but
Russa min wasn’t finished he knew that if the game got two three all the way in
hell would have his confidence up so he really knuckled down he told himself ok this is it I have to employ the
tactic that one meet those three games I have to utilize the tactic that wins
me most of my matches and that is get around get my forehand in and swing hard
and that is exactly what he did in the six-game and was able to close out the olympic final and to
take the gold medal what what an achievement by rusev mean
was nowhere near favorite going into the event but was able to overcome all of
that overcome the Chinese player when hair in the final I remember seeing gruesome in them in
the village in the dining hall after the match and just the big smile on his face
he was just he was floating on air and you know we had the opportunity to go up
and congratulate him and and as did as did many thousands of other people but
gruesome mean at was it was so and was such a soft sole as well you know like
very very grateful for that congratulations he obviously didn’t expect to win and to
be put into that situation and he was just absolutely floating on air Russo mean 2004 Olympic gold medalist
great champion there is a great video of Russa min
reminiscing about his 2004 gold medal we can’t show it because of copyright
but it is well worth checking out will put a link in our show notes and on the
blog so getting there click on it and go and have a look it’s time for the tournament rap already it is time for the tournament wrap and
with the Olympics only a few days away we’re taking a look back at all the past
winners alloys who are the winners of the olympics well
yes so and interestingly enough career has done
really well in the men’s singles in the first olympic games you name Q gold
medalist Kim Ki take silver medalist I mean in that one Eric Linda took out
the bronze medal and only feature that recently with a big win that was yeah that’s what are you so amazing to
see and the forehand in a huge just incredible yeah and then in 2004 as we talked about
in today’s show have we done that already yes I Russo
mean also devastating for hand winning the gold medal in 2004 from wang hell
with wang li qin winning the bronze medal now the other the other non-chinese mild
to win was of course the great beyond of a bolna in 1992 so the first two Olympics Korea sweden
China didn’t win their first olympic men’s singles until nineteen ninety-six
in Barcelona and and they didn’t even get a medal in the first Olympics and it just got the bronze in in a second
language in Buffalo yeah and another great staff of the
meaning the Olympic champ – no that’s right but since then I’ve done pretty
well liu guoliang 1996 bait when tell and in the final out with your grass
cough someone we discussed earlier today Jeffrey yes fight against him into
theirs and in the devil’s yeah didn’t go so well yep and then two
thousand the Olympics the Jeff win too many singles condoling we meeting Jana
of a butler in the final and liu guoliang getting the bronze medal we talked about room in 2004 2008 and
2012 very Chinese dominated so 2008 all three men’s singles middles China
smiling goal when he’ll silver and when Lee Chin in the bronze medal position so
clearly different rules back in three Chinese taking three minutes now not possible yes and after that Olympics
they changed the rules specifically to make sure that China didn’t win three
middles and that from then on only allowing two players from one
country controversial but that’s how it is as a 2012 James Iker as we know the
current holder of the men single championships and the runner up was when
hell for the third time three times you were like that’s a
pretty impressive people to get to the finals of the Olympic three times in a
row not many people have that longevity but
not to win line must be so disappointed he will be very
disappointed and we’ll never win one now for all laying out but you know i mean
if you go home to three silver medals in your cabinet do you haven’t had a bad
sort of career although it was interesting and recently there was a study done study see you
trying to get that bronze medalist for more heavier than silver medal yes I did
say that i’m and and that’s probably because you know at the final hurdle
they probably have had a win and to win the bronze medal where is the final hurdle and the silver
medals total loss and also I think in that study and they
talked about the silver medalist always things well I could have won the the
gold medal but the bronze medallist is happy to have one middle usually but yeah yeah you’re naughty
interesting so we love to know your thoughts jump
onto the pink heels blog let us know who you think is going to take gold in Rio yeah and let’s look back also at the
women’s singles medalist and here it’s just an absolute domination by China so
China have one every gold medal in the women’s singles so starting an 88 changing 92 in your
ping 96 doing yelping 2001 men 2004 has any meaning – there’s the night singing 2012 li jia
jia so well and so interestingly there was a couple of back-to-back winners
thing your ping and who else Janie Janie in the means no such
back-to-back winner yet is Angie Kurt can he do it who knows i don’t think so but you know will the chinese manufacturer something
for him and also be interesting and all yeah and it’s very near your conspiracy
theories and then also don’t forget we have had teams events so I in 2008 in
Beijing mins teams went to China and in 2012 men’s teams went to China so try to really dominating in the same
of the women’s China won both the women’s teams events too tight so there you go that is the history of
the olympics ya ever say that let us know your
predictions coming up and get excited we are so close now to the Olympic Games
but ours and a few . he wants to mention first yeah we we didn’t mention that before
2008 there were men’s doubles and that’s what just waiting and so there was men’s
doubles of instant after that they changed it to two teams of in so used to
be doubled men’s doubles women’s doubles now to
men’s teams women seems I think it’s a better idea and we also did talk recently about is
it were just having teams of its yeah I like that I like I like that idea for
some reason just having attainments and it’s country versus country yeah you
know and and then it gets rid of all that you know well you’re not playing singles and I’m
playing singles and what’s or something yeah i don’t i don’t know what’s your
thoughts let us know yeah should they even have
singles and the Olympics so there you go all right that’s it
that’s all I want me to tell you a little song is what it is all right sure and well there we go means doubles and
so 88 China not need to China 96 China – there isn’t china 2004 China I want every single men’s doubles and
women’s doubles south korea my darling I da with engine
wire and yang Jung ja we are beating their changing and Georgie mean in the
phone and insult wouldn’t have been a popular victory absolutely many singles
and the women’s doubles world crab was going berserk Lee Yellen exactly it was certainly and and then
China one or the other doubles women’s doubles since things yep
there you go alright that’s a wrap get excited make sure you watching the olympics
table tennis it’s going to be fantastic and that’s a wrap although that was a wrap our did want to
point out the total milk and four countries which is quite interesting so I go Alice ok so total middle cancer
and this is interesting and so South Korea have 118 middles that is HUGE right 18 medals and the
closest after that is three from North Korea Singapore and swim or in Germany
with five sorry Germany of 15 but South Korea 18 china 47 middles feeling weeks 47 compared 18 that is just total
domination well done China it’s now time for the
questions and remember you can ask your own table tennis wickets at ping skills
. com punishes asked a question about how to implement his forehand in a match
situation he can play is for him well in isolation but when it comes to a match
situation he gets himself into trouble being able to play for hands in
isolation is a good first step but it’s really important that then you
transition to being able to play the forehand when you think that the ball
can come anywhere on the table a good drill to do this is to just start to
play the ball anyway and every now and then I can play the
ball to the forehand side so the aim here is to not know the balls coming
to the forehand and then still be able to execute beforehand you’ll notice the
jet isn’t just going back straight to that forehand ready position and he’s
not turned to side on so he’s not staying in this side on position just
expecting the ball to come back to the forehand what he’s doing is he’s playing
the forehand watching where the ball is and then reacting so then if the ball
comes back to the forehand he’s going back here if the ball comes
to the back end then he moves straight to this position so you can see that
it’s a really different position to moving from here back to here to play
your forehand as opposed to just be standing side on and playing your
forehand from that one position linds ask the next question that how do
you apply your back and success to your forehand stroke so what limbs talking about is the use
of the wrist now on the back and side you’re using your wrist in this motion
from backwards to forwards that sort of movement whereas on the forehand side
you’re using your wrist in that sort of movement so it’s the sideways movement so you can see that there’s not as much
movement with the forehand restriction as there is with the backend restriction
the forehand then needs to rely more on your forearm and your biggest swing as
well as relaxing that wrist and allowing it to flow through and nice and easily
to maximize that movement in the sideways motion one thing to remember though is that
your forehand stroke still needs to remain complete you need to finish with
that bat up above your eye level when we start to
talk about the wrist and relaxing it and moving it through often player start to
compromise and do that sort of thing it just doesn’t work effectively and
efficiently what’s the best chinese players in the
world and watch their technique it is always there the next question is from you Gigi and
he’s asked us is it important to use your waist during the service motion well let’s
look at the master let’s look at mile long and his service section you can see
here now he set up to serve is playing a match against Susan let’s have a quick look at his action so
so he starts his motion he’s throwing the ball up you can see
that the the waste is still in the same position the balls coming down why still in the same position he is
just about to contact it still hasn’t moved his waist and now he’s contacted
that waist is still in the same position and then from there and he utilizes his
white wice you can see there though that is utilized his wrist his wrist has come
all the way through his elbows up really high and he’s used his forearm to
generate all of the spin after that he moves into position utilizing in waist and his legs and he’s
ready to play the next ball if you strictly thinking about the service
motion then you’re not using your waist at all because as you saw my long keeps
his waist in that position he gets the spin from the wrist and the
forearm but then he utilizes his waist and his legs to just quickly in the
position to be ready for the next ball and next question comes from ryan asking
about competition mindset ryan wants to know how to maintain his
sense of zin insanity before and during a competition so your mindset needs to start not only on the day of your competition
but the day before or in the time leading up you need to start to think a little bit
about what you’re going to do before the tournament what you’re going to do during the
tournament out the players that you might be playing against so the day before it might be thinking
about your food intake what sleep you’re going to be able to have the night
before and then on the day of the competition we start to think more about like a
header we prepare on the day how do we warm up and what do we do during a match
thinking about out a pre . routine what sort of routines that we do during
the day as well so that competition mindset is it’s a it’s a really bigger
picture it’s not just about what’s going to happen on the day we need to stop and
think about that beforehand as well during the match you also need to think
about your pre . routines so little things that you do in between each point
that a comfortable and that you do repetitively to get you into a a very
comfortable frame of mind at the Olympics watch the best players playing
and you’ll notice that they will have some little routines that they do before
H . so some light bounce the ball on the table or on the floor and you’ll notice
a lot of the time players will go up to the net or close to the net and what
their hand on the table what’s that for some of them it’s just
to wipe the sweat off they’re playing hand but for some of them it’s just a
routine it’s the thing that they do regularly before . the most important
thing though Ryan is to go out there and really enjoy the day learn as much as you can learn about
your own game learn from the other players around you
and see how that can benefit your table tennis Eugene’s ask the next question about
positioning yourself at the table your basic stance is where you’re in the ready position you
can just touch the table and where you bet basically on the middle on there from
that position you can reach to that for hand corner and you can also reach to
the backhand corner but in the rally we need to always alter our position if
I hit the ball deep into the four hand corner it would be crazy for me to move over
here because i’m just not covering the natural angle from that position this is the natural angle that you’re
going to get and I’m going to cover the area that I think that the ball is going
to come too and similarly if I hit the ball deep
into the back end corner now i’m going to cover this area to you
Jane your position then always depends on where you hit the ball and you need
to think about covering the angles of where the ball can come to and for our
next question we delve right back into the archives of 2012 and a question from
nesco who asked us is my long participating at the london olympics it’s interesting to see my answer from
all that time ago and how it relates to now so in 2012 my long didn’t get a chance
to play in the singles and played in the team’s event only at the Olympics and
relating it to now so Zuzu’s een is in a similar position
not playing in the singles only playing in the teams but probably more
interestingly friends in Don not getting to apply at all so in 2020 in Tokyo could we be talking
about friends in dawn being the favorite for the men’s singles and now it’s time for me to get the mail
when we read actually back on last week’s show so I was we had some pretty interesting
comments on the show last week especially from bj and Dennis life yes
so Vijay talked about what an inspiration dr. Lowe was and one should take a leaf
out of her book so here totally agree certainly yep keep
active till long into your age and hear what an inspiration absolutely and then
status lab had said that the topic but from Johnny really hit the bullseye he
say that yes it’s only have two questions without losing the player that
he thought we can any yeah so he said I also feel somewhat distressed when are
constantly give points are give points to weaker players give here actually
means lose and we cap means players who never trained a proper technique and
mostly push ninety percent of the time and that is interesting isn’t talking
about a weaker is it yeah they’re not really waking up now
exactly if they’re bringing you it probably not wake her right ok i am good . tennis so dat usually use
losses to them when he hasn’t rained recently and that make sense making lots
of serve mistake so be a good points from Stannis five and that probably
something that we need to keep in mind yeah and I think it’s included attitude
he’s got there about told me he needs to relax through to better performance and
is still much that he can improve in his game so great sentiment there this life so thank you for your feedback
as always we love to hear from you so leave some comments on the YouTube
channel or on the pink skills blog at things and that wraps up
today’s show thanks everyone for watching and we will
see you again next week make sure you enjoy it I am in big games Thank You hours Thank You Jeffrey bye
for now we love talking about table tennis so if you’ve got a table tennis
questions get over to ping and use the ask the code section of the
website we’d love to hear from you the music for
today’s show with far away by now ok to the YouTube audio library I asked alloys what he felt that his
recent disco competition and he said he didn’t feel too good about it and i also
feel someone two strikes law could have won the gold medal thanks so much for watching the show
will be back again next week with another episode until then keep enjoying
your table tennis

24 thoughts on “Table Tennis at the Olympic Games #273

  1. Thankyou so much for your video's. It's made a difference for a (less) than amateur player :). I can actually compete against workmates now 🙂

  2. These video shows are incredible. They must take a ton of time. Thanks for keeping up with them and putting in the hours! It is appreciated!

  3. Ma long and Zjk definately and also fan zd will definately be the fav for 2020 Tokyo Olympics unless some unfortunate circumstance befalls him

  4. I have a question. I have a STIGA paddle, but the rubber dies out pretty quickly, and I think I'm ready to put more spin on the ball. How can I put more spin on a bit of a less rubberized paddle?

  5. nice show this week.

    anyone in the comments have any experience with this wondering whether it's a good bat for a beginner

  6. Hi PingSkills, today in practice matches i coudn't play well as far as i know it was the worst performance. I was losing from literally everyone in the club although am one of the best players in the club and i have represented our region at national level.
    My table tennis bat broke and had to use others bat i think that must be the reason for my decline today. Well now the question is switching your bats really effects your performance in match? the bats i use werent so different!

  7. hello Jeff. its Cooper from cubing. just browsing YouTube and came upon your channel. didn't know you did table tennis.

  8. Thanks Alooot pingskill i just win a tournament because of you i hope you keep making a very very v usefull video

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