Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2293-18th September, 2017

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2293-18th September, 2017

‘Oh, no!’ ‘Oh, my God!
– Yes!’ ‘The society’s notice
board is stolen! – Right!’ ‘And I know whose prank this is.
– Whose?’ ‘Only one person can play this
prank out here, that’s Tapu.’ ‘I just told you that
when I had gone to the garden’ ‘I had seen the
notice board right here.’ ‘And Tapu left to
college early in the morning.’ ‘Then how can he
play this prank?’ ‘Let me call
the police right away.’ Aatmaram, what if someone
has really played a prank? It is even better. It is even better
because he’ll get caught. If he gets thrashed
by the police, he’ll know that he shouldn’t
play such pranks. And the consequence
of stealing. But Bhide,
we can’t call the police for such
a simple matter. Absolutely right..
– He is right. Forget it. Mr. Mehta,
please try to understand. Today,
the notice board is stolen. In future, my two-wheeler
can get stolen. – Right. There could be a theft
in anybody’s house. What! Why are you saying
such ominous things? Do you want to call
the police for such a small.. Madhavi, it’s not!
It’s a major incident. It’s the society’s notice
board that is stolen! It’s an
expensive property. On which I used to write
the ‘thought for the day.’ I would suggest
that we call the police.. Aatmaram. – Yes.
– Why did they arrive? Think of the police,
and here they are! Why did the police arrive
without being called! H-How am I to know,
sir? I just mentioned
that we call the police. And they
are here already! Wow! This is the youth
of our country. Sir, there was
a way from here. I know. But I like adventure.
– Fine, sir. Greetings, sir.
– Mr. Pandey, you here! Without being called,
I don’t even go to my house. Then why would
I come to yours? I was the one who called
Inspector Chalu Pandey. What! – What!
Oh, my God! Why? Sodhi,
why did you call them? Bhide was insisting
on calling the police. So, I called him
over the phone. Now don’t try to solve this case
by discussing among yourselves. I’ll solve it. Tell me.
What is stolen and how? Inspector Chalu Pandey,
Mr. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide our one and only secretary
will provide the entire details. Go ahead. I see! Excuse me, Mr. Champak.
– Yes. No, please step to the side. Fine.
Come. This side, sir. Fine.
– Thank you. So, you are the one and
only secretary of Gokuldham? Yes,
you know it already, right? Well, we have information
about the current changes in the country, post elections,
but not about the society. No.. But he’ll always remain
the secretary in this society. Yes. – This
isn’t the issue now, right? Keep quiet. Tell me.
What was stolen and how? Inspector, the society’s notice
board which used to be there on which I would write ‘thought
for the day’, is stolen. What did you say is stolen?
– The notice board. The notice board?
– Yes. Tell me something,
the one and only secretary. Were precious gems and diamonds
embedded in that notice board? No.. It was an
ordinary wooden notice board. Yes.
And it was an old one too. And we were emotionally
attached to it. Even this stick of mine
is a wooden one. – What! Listen, I go by the name
Inspector Chalu Pandey. If you lie, you’ll get
beaten up. – Come on.. – No.. Post the immersion of
Lord Ganesh, we, Mumbai Police are supposed
to get some rest. But you guys
tried to trouble us just because
a notice board got stolen! Heard that? There are many cases
left to be solved. I told you,
it is such a small matter.. This is not fair.
– Yes. No problem, Mr. Pandey. We’ll solve this case.
– No! No. I’ll solve this case. Okay, Mr. Pandey.
– Okay.. Now tell me. Who had seen the notice
board for the last time? Had you?
– No way! I was chopping
ivy gourd at home. Is that today’s menu? Today
is such a bad day! I see! Had you? – No.
H-How could I see? I was
having bitter gourd. You were having bitter gourd
with your mouth, Mr. Mehta. But your eyes were open,
right? – No. When I have bitter gourd,
this is how I eat it. My eyes end up
closing. Had you?
– No.. I was speaking
to a patient since morning. I was
discussing something. Oh, no!
Then who had seen the notice board
for the last time? – Pandey! I had seen it.
– Yes. I see! I’m proud
of this old gentleman! What! – It’s nothing.
Please go ahead. Pandey, when I
had stepped out a while ago the notice board
was right here. I had seen it. But when I returned,
the notice board was missing. You need to be commended
for something. Among so many young guys,
this old gentleman saw the notice board
for the last time. Tell me something, sir.
When you’d seen the notice board what was the condition
of the notice board? Well.. It was hanging down the tack. What’s a tack?
– It means.. It means a nail. It was hanging down the nail.
– A nail. I get it.
A nail which is hammered. Yes, we call it a tack. You saw the notice board when you were leaving
for your morning walk. Yes.
– The notice board was gone when you returned
from your walk. It was gone. The incident took place when you were
on your morning walk. Yes. Patil?
– Yes, sir. Take a note of everything. Yes, sir.
– Time is important. Yes, sir.
Time is important. You are supposed to go over
to your in-law’s place. I am not talking about
my trip to my in-law’s place. I asked you to take down notes on the theft
of the notice board. Get back to work.
– Yes, sir. Tell me something.
Did you have any visitors? Mr. Pandey, we have
many visitors in this society. We cannot keep track
of so many people. He has a point.
– That’s true. Do you suspect anyone? No, we do not
suspect anyone. Why would anyone have
a problem with the notice board? Are you joking?
– No, I am not. I am just stating the facts. I am on duty, Mr. Mehta. All right. Patil?
– Yes, sir. Take everybody’s statements.
– Yes, sir. Don’t move! Don’t move.
– That’s the notice board. Get back.
Please, go back. That’s the notice board. Get back.. The notice board.. Whoever is hiding
behind the notice board don’t try to move.
Or else, I will shoot you. Mr. Pandey, don’t shoot
the board. Forget about the board.
Ask him not to pull the trigger. Yes. Lower the board and raise your hands. Goli!
– Tapu. Goli? Tapu!
– Goli.. It’s Tapu and friends. There they are. What happened?
Why did you stop? I don’t know.
The police is here. – Yes. Sonu. Gogi..
What are you.. Let’s go down and find out.
– Yes, let’s go down. Why have the police
come over? I don’t know.
Let’s find out. I told you
that Tapu is behind this. Did you see that,
Mr. Champaklaal? Tapu..
What’s going on? Aren’t you supposed
to be in college? Grandpa, we didn’t have
any lectures today. So, we returned early. We didn’t have any work. We saw the notice board
when we came to the society. And they stole it. The notice board looked dull. We wanted to fix
the notice board. That’s the reason.. Tapu removed the notice board
in order to fix it.. Yes.
– We wanted to fix it. We took the notice board
to the club house and painted a new layer.
– Yes. What? That was so thoughtful of them. Mr. Bhide, you work so hard
for the society. You also write insightful
messages on the notice board. Everybody knows that you are
very fond of this notice board. The notice board was faded
due to the rains. So, we thought of surprising you
by painting the board. That’s right.. You guys are so sweet. That was very thoughtful
of everyone. Good job, Tapu. Keep it up, Tapu.
You did a good job. Bhide, did you see that? Say something. Good job, Tapu.
I am proud of you. You have truly honoured
your teacher by doing this. You did a great job. We are very proud of everyone. Tapu, a black board
means a great deal to a teacher. The black board is not just
an ordinary board to a teacher. It means the world! For a teacher,
the black board is a means of imparting knowledge
to the pupils. So, Tapu..
I am sorry. I was wrong about you.
And thank you so much. Welcome, Mr. Bhide. Mr. Pandey.. Mr. Pandey..
W-We are sorry. Don’t apologise. I understand.
You don’t have to explain. Mr. Pandey, we are sorry. We unnecessarily caused
you inconvenience. We are very sorry.
– Sorry. You don’t have to apologise. You people have a habit
of helping the Mumbai police. You people have
helped us so much that my words
came out wrong. I meant to say that it’s the job of the Mumbai
police to help the inhabitants. Thank you, Mr. Pandey.
Thank you so much. All right. Enjoy and have fun. I’ll get going now. Thank you, Mr. Pandey.. We are sorry. Bhide, we need to get going. Mr. Mehta, hold on. Tapu and friends deserve
appreciation for their job. Yes.. Three cheers
for Tapu and friends. Hip hip..
– Hurray! Hip hip..
– Hurray! Hip hip..
– Hurray! Thank you so much.
– Mr. Bhide, let’s hang it now. Yes, let’s hang it up. That was fantastic! I’m very proud of Tapu! He made me very happy
by painting the notice board. He won my heart! How nice! You are praising Tapu today! Yes, of course. After all,
he’s done a praiseworthy job. Whatever the reason may be your thinking towards
Tapu changed. Temporarily. But I’m still happy. Well, you wreaked havoc
in the society today. Why are you talking
like Popatlaal? What did I do? You called the police in the
society for a notice board. Wait a minute. Sodhi called the police,
not me! But you gave that beautiful
idea to Mr. Sodhi to do so. Beautiful idea?
You are taunting me, right? What else do you expect? The police came to the society
for such a trivial thing. A mountain was made
out of a molehill! All because of you, right? Wait a minute. Logically speaking,
it didn’t happen because of me but because of Tapu. Wow, there you go again! J-Just one minute ago,
you were praising Tapu and now suddenly,
Tapu is the miscreant. I don’t understand how you
put all the blame on Tapu! Madhavi, instead you should say whatever Tapu does, affects
me directly or indirectly. What was Tapu’s fault in it? Whatever he did was
to make you happy, right? I agree that he did it
to make me happy. But had he told me
about it before doing it then all this wouldn’t
have happened! But that poor child
just wanted to surprise you. Was there anything
wrong in it? Tell me! He did a good thing, right? Yes, he does a good job
but he does it by mistake. Well, if we take a ratio
then he’s done less of good work and has upset me more! Oh, God! Nobody can understand
your relationship with Tapu. So, leave it. Why do you argue?
Just let it be! Buy fresh and green
vegetables! Hey, hold on! Speaking
of vegetables, sit down.. Why did you make
ivy gourd today? Because Sonu and I love it. And what will I eat? Are you going to have
lunch today? What do you mean? I’m joking.
I’ve made potatoes for you. Good!
– I was joking! Come on, buy some
fresh vegetables! All the vegetables are fresh! Oh, come on!
You say that every day! Because I bring fresh vegetables
every day, Ms. Komal! Really? It’s not true that you always
get fresh vegetables, okay? Yes, day before yesterday
I bought spinach from you and it got spoilt in a day even
after keeping it in the fridge. Ms. Roshan! How do you keep
vegetables in the fridge? What do you mean how? I open the fridge,
put the vegetables in and then close the fridge. No.. Ms. Roshan,
what I mean to say is what do you pack
the vegetables in before keeping it in the fridge? Yes!
– Oh, I see. I mean,
I keep it in a plastic bag. That’s why, the vegetables
spoil, Ms. Roshan. Why?
– Look.. if you pack the vegetables
in a piece of paper and then keep it in the fridge then your vegetables
won’t spoil, they’ll stay fresh. Yes!
– Oh, I see! Ms. Daya,
thank you for the tip! But I didn’t give you
any tip. We give a tip to the waiter
in restaurants, right? No.
– No, Ms. Daya! The idea that you gave
to Ms. Roshan to pack the vegetables
in paper. That’s called
a tip in English. Yes!
– Right. Oh, I see! The word ‘tip’
has different meanings too. This tip is different,
that tip is different and in Hindi, it has a totally
different meaning! Yes!
– True. Where were you since morning?
I didn’t see you at all! What do I say? There are so many activities
in the family that I don’t get time at all! You mean, function, right? Yes.. Function! Forget all that! I hope you all remember that there’s a kitty party
in my house tomorrow! And yes! Ms. Daya,
you are coming, right? Thank you, Ms. Babita,
but I’m sorry. I have some work so I won’t
be able to come. Oh!
– Oh! All right then, next time! Yes.. Sure! Well, Ms. Daya, you were
not here in the society. There was a huge ruckus
regarding the notice board. Yes, well.. Ms. Madhavi,
I’m sorry that Mr. Bhide was upset because of Tapu. Don’t say sorry, Ms. Daya! In fact, Tapu did
the right thing! The notice board
had become old. So, he coloured it
and made it brand new. He didn’t know that,
so that’s why, he got angry. No, Mr. Bhide was right. But Roshan is too much,
he called the police at once! Just forget it.
All is well that ends well. And hey, what’s with you?
Are you here to spread gossip? Stop selling vegetables
and become a detective. Yes!
– That’s right, we’re just.. You all are already here! Ms. Anjali,
we’re here since so long. – Hi! In fact, you are late! Well, because of
the morning drama everything is getting late. I got late in the
household chores and Taarak got late
to go to office. Today, Taarak will be
reprimanded by his boss. When he left for the office,
he was quite upset. So, I’m quite sure that when
Taarak will come in the evening he will still be
in a bad mood. Look, you’re simply
getting worried. Ms. Anjali, you know how
to set Mr. Mehta’s mood right. Yes, that’s right. I’d say that all wives
are masters in this! Yes!
– You are right. – Well said! Taarak, are you home! It’s not me,
it’s my ghost! What kind of answer
is this? The way you’ll question I’ll answer in the same way,
right, Anjali? What do you mean
by ‘are you home’? If you can see me,
it means I’m here, right? Is this the way
to talk to your wife? I was waiting for you! In fact,
I was so excited! I thought you’d say, ‘Anjali
I missed you! Good evening!’ What’s so good
about this evening? Why? What happened?
– Don’t even ask! It was such a bad day!
My entire day went bad! First, there was a ruckus because of the notice
board in the society. So, the good morning
became a bad one. I reached the office late so obviously my boss would
yell at me for being so late. So, the afternoon
became bad too. That’s why,
I had to do overtime! And so, my evening
became bad too! Nothing is good
about this day. So, how can a person
feel good? I can completely understand
that you had a very bad day! But dear husband,
what I’m about to tell you will turn your bad mood
into a happy one. What? I made delicious food
for you! Don’t even talk about food. I know what you mean
by delicious food. I know, you will
feed me bitter gourd! Whatever! Come on, Taarak!
Is this the way to talk? I’ve made GST for you! There’s GST in the office
and now at home too! What is this GST? GST means,
Gulab Jamuns ‘Sabudana Vada’
and ‘Tawa Pulav’. Say it again! ATM special GST. Gulab Jamun,
‘Sabudana Vada’, ‘Tawa Pulav’. Gulab Jamun, ‘Sabudana Vada’
and ‘Tawa Pulav’! Wow, that’s fantastic!
So, it’s GST! – What? The Great Supper Time! Come on!
– So, let’s go! – Let’s go! Well, eating your favourite food
gives you so much happiness. And I’m delighted! All is well that ends well. My day was very tense
and it wasn’t that good but as soon as
I got good food my night became good. One should learn from a wife
how to win a man’s heart. That’s why, praise be to all
the wives of this country. So, keep your wives happy
and you be happy too! If she stays happy then your life will be
filled with happiness. Friends, happiness
is very important in life. The same way, as food
is important for me in life. So, today I got good food
and I also got happiness. The day has passed but
what the new day will bring in Gokuldham and how
interesting it will be you can find out
by watching ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah
Chashmah’ and keep laughing.

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