Szulamit (2008 – with English Subtitle) The Full Movie

Szulamit (2008 – with English Subtitle) The Full Movie

We are shooting a sci-fi movie here, in Szekcső. The story is about – I’ll try to keep it short so it’s about a man and a woman. The movie is about their encounter. The man meets a woman who can dig out his memories. As a matter of fact, these memories
are like pieces of a puzzle. The more they come to the surface, the more they reveal the whole picture of what happened between them,
that they had a relationship – they were in love. And it remains uncertain; actually we have no idea why the man has no memories. Well, this would be it. So there is this man. It’s very important to me
that this is a male character.
Or it became important during the shooting. He looks at his life in a way determined by some chapters not presented here. Those chapters tell that he was a fighter, who somehow got to be left alone Without roots… he tries to take root in a soil of which it is hard to get out the nutrients. He tries to survive in an environment which is everything but friendly. It is hostile. And the gift of this life is that he meets a girl and he saves her. And I liked it very much in the story that the man actually saved the girl. Naturally, my stories are superficial. Let’s see now what lies under the surface. If there is any depth, any emotional profundity. Would any of these turn out? We are shooting a sci-fi in which I have the role of Sulamit. And this sci-fi also tells the story of two people, the relationship of a man and a woman. It is mostly built on the woman’s attempt to revive the man’s memories. But this is a very hard task. The man can hardly bear it. This could be painful because the woman treats her task
to revive the man’s memories as if it was a mission, which certainly hurts the man. But it could also be painful because the memories themselves
could be painful, which is hardly bearable. This is why there relationship ends up sadly. Welcome-drink? Into my eyes? “Don’t be sad… I say old egg… Sad dogs have faces like that…” Actually it’s you I could cite about this, because you are the one who sees the future of the Movie in this. Because the Movie is essentially dead, and it’s possible to do some work with these cameras. We must purge all the old cameras, I don’t give a shit on the quality. And work can be done, freely. Everybody does whatever they want. “It is too much. This side is too much.” Which? This?
“Absolutely” “It’s a bit, kind of a caveman.” No, I like it. This is the world you wanted ,isn’t it?
This is sci-fi. My guess is that everybody is going to be like this in the future. “All of us is Dirty and Czechoslovak… ” That broken metal there, it’s like a crashed plane. “Yeah, I ‘ve seen it. ” “It’s Rita’s.”
“Yeah, that’s my plane.” “It’s just that it got rusty, me in turn got preserved. ” It’s just that it was the wrong person
who found me for the first time. “You will need to be brought round.” Yeah, so he is an ugly and naughty man, but Tomi saves me, because he is gorgeous and charming. “Do you hear me? ”
Yeah. “That’s the way I got through it.” I am gorgeous and charming, I kill slowly. What about from that side? Lay onto my shoulder and brandish your leg like this. Hang down your hand. “In the back?”
The right one. The right one. “Or both.”
Oh, OK. I wish I knew where we are going. But I don’t know it any longer. “No one does.” No one knows that. No one knows. “I wouldn’t like to be part of a movie about an accident.” What?
“I wouldn’t like to be part of an accident-movie.” What, would you rather be an emergency surgeon? “Yeah.”
You see. To be in an accident-movie? Me neither. Do you believe me? Oh my God! Life sucks. Look! Hey, are you shooting? “Hello! Maybe.” What are you doing here? Actually we have been here for the last three days. We spent two nights here, but it feels like it was a week. And it doesn’t feel like that because we are tired.
This is a good kind of tiredness. It’s because a lot of things happened, we are taking it so fast. Last night I had a very great experience in the theatre.
I mean in the cinema. We shot a scene in front of the blue screen. It was like… We arrived, you know, the stage, those theatre lights… The lights were perfect.
It was obvious the team works as one, taking care of each detail. We had to do almost nothing, we just entered the stage. We had a “small party” on the first day. So the next day we were washed out. But no problem. There is a saying: the good actor is the tired actor.
I hope we had done a good job. We’ve shot some really good scenes. We were in the theare in the evening. It was so-o-o-o good.
I enjoyed it very much. And today we made action-scenes.
It was awesome. Guns, and jumping, and standing, and much excitement. It was awesome. And now we are shooting scenes with speech, and that’s also great. The weather gives us some trouble, but it was fine until now, so we can’t complain. We hope, it’s going be fine and we’ll be able to carry on
with our job superbly like we did until now. “If you want to be a piper…, you have to go to the hell” “There you could learn,how to play the pipe” If you want to be a piper …, you have to go to the hell “There you could learn,how to play the pipe” Action!And the same slow moving like on the second floor. It was 300 forints. “How much did I pay for this in France?
7 euros or 5. I paid 5 euros.” How much is that in forints? 1500 forints. So, I paid 5 euros, it’s not so much. Yeah,let’s see the lights!
I want to see the whole thing. Man! I see the cloudy, blue sky… We could do the main hangar scene here too three pairs of tracks But we do twice the outside part while we screw these concrete walls Look, it’s okay
massive concrete all way along. Into this… But all the lights are like it was on that planet on the mountaintop, at the base, exactly,
lower white balance, slower burning I like the nettles, quite the planets flora This star is a “red dwarf” you know… Oh, look at the window absolute perfect for the military scenes the sun comes from a different angle though, more from behind Does it show? “Yeah, cool” It’s reeeally Great this is it…
here could be the scene with you too, this would give a wonderful silhouette. Wow!
Is it a sihouette? ” Sure it is” It’s great that we came outside,
I’m really fed up with the studio Go close up for a sec Twin telpher we could use the stuff the gipsies gave,
we’d put down the three machines Yeah, exactly. Indeed. We have to clean this area though Oh, come on, it’s just…slates. Hey, come look at this because there’s more free space on the other side So when we blow up the front, it will be much easier. It reminds me of the scene when you and Szulamit plunge, and this is a swinging structure, with nothing under it. Well, I dont know much about 3D modelling Got some collegues who’d do with 12 megabyte textures in no time They’re fucking good. And that window is that window, not regular, we could flow the broken ones So we take one down We’ll change the bricks to concrete Cut this down, shouldn’t we? Of course we should, blocks the way. So when the crane comes, it could go all the way to the wall. It’s all…left behind. You remember why they called it ship crematory? Well, we thought that outside there is the spaceship assembly
“Looks just the same if you ask me.” There’s the block next to it with the pit,
so this could be where they annihilate the old pieces. Oh yeah, yeah.. and seriously, when I dreamt of it, cause i dreamt of it, i swear i saw this, really. I was thinking of something different. I told you it would be easier. Listen, we could take the whole scene here. Grace of the ladders… And there goes the guy with the kevlar ropes on, it will be awsome, crawling up… Make sure you make an invert, because the colors… I always do, don’t worry. I told Rami…
You’ll have a hell of a voice. As they are coming
all rusty, and old machinery. And creaky. Turrets in each window, eights and twelves. Adjustable as these walking machines come where this species comes from, everything is chip-souey. Like it came from a junkyard. All kinds of weaponry, from screwthrowers to clampguns, all in one. Attached to the most idiotic places, to the knees, hands, head, whatever. Let’s turn to the most interesting thing is for me, lasers
and some modern weapons like compressors they’ve already got some of them burns, others just sparkle or snap and you can make this very sensible with sound This is the paramount job of the sound technician. In science-fiction if you ask me
60 percent of the impact comes from the sound. The rest is up to the pictures.
Those are important too. “Goose-liver, goose-liver,
the sore dick of the bass player” The sound is fucking awesome. The sound is unbelievable, and so is the picture. „Take on meeeee, take meee on.” „We are the best girlfriends” “I love you so much” “Please kiss me” “Would you play with me?” “Please sing me something” “Now you have to get naked, and play” Was it ok? No? Do it from the side. Take my forearm. Do it like you strained his arm This is ok too My gosh, not this. Camera!
“Action!” I was really scared.
I didn’t dare to hold my head “I’m not surprised, lives are in danger here.” This would be perfect for a shot. Good! Take it as Ritu comes in Don’t hold the gun there! Stop here! And action. This is so pathetic You should do it faster “From the front!” Don’t stop at the forehead. “Sling it more” Right away. Like stabbing If you stop your hand at the top, it’s all wrong.
Do it directly. Like whipping Listen, the movement has to be like this over his head. This was a choir camp, so they couldn’t punish us so hard… You can take it off The other too? No, not that So it was a choir camp, and we rehearsed for a tour in Austria This could be useful. Come on, there are the perfect stands But seriously? Ok, it’s done when the fear comes. Since when? What? Did you always have this ability? Yes, always I think. Caused me some problems when I was a child. Didn’t they love you? Not really. And how do you do it? I don’t know. It just…flushes through me. I only see it in their eyes reflecting. What do my eyes reflect? Pain. You really hurt I’m sorry. I can’t control it What? You just let yourself go,
hurting anybody? But it hurts me, too. So, why do you let it happen? If I try to stop it, hurts me more. If you are able to make me remember things
I’ve somehow forgotten, why can’t you make me remember the time when we started? You have to accept what I give. But that’s the point! Why can’t you make me see the beginning? Szulamit? Yah? You are projecting these things into me, aren’t you? “They set the fire, but it dies out anyway” “There’s no love that won’t fade” “Set my sad fire baby, set it right” “So I can warm up my weak hands” And action Ok, we’re in. I take down the guards, cancel the main circuit, change the code and we’re free Sounds pretty easy It’s going to be just as easy, pretty easy Cut, okay, thank you!
We make one more shot just for sure Why didn’t you tell me all this later? What?!? Why didn’t you tell me all this later? What do you say? What I do say, that you want to get out,
you want to step out of this This would be just perfect, if a man and a woman,
between us this could be stimulating Stimulating? Well just let me explain, I find this fucking not stimulating.
Understand?! Get away from me! I am fucking fed up with you only worrying about your stuff. It’s not about that!
“Then what?” It’s all about you giving your heart and soul… “My heart and soul!?”
…what makes this to fail or succeed You want me to dig this? You have no idea!
Oh please, be good to me “This is crazy!” This drives me really crazy Don’t worry, the Molotov-cocktail won’t be ready until tomorrow, we got to look for a high location to get the right angle of… Which building would it be… Oh my! Just to get there… It’s okay if we just make the gun blink
we could compute the rest The explosion… Oh look at that stupid. Shit! He’s out of his mind Oh please, concentrate! If you’d been sleeping no more than three hours for days damn it, you’d know. What the fuck do you want from that hill? I don’t know it’s just kind of…it’s there It could be fine…maybe… What? Do you want it from the scrub? No, it’s okay…if the perspective is fine, I can catch it. We could put up the wall. Good. What’s the height of the stand?
Three meters? Three point five? Yeah, three meters for real, so I could do anything with it. Do anything then… I’d overlay the sun! Nice Listen sorry, I am really tired… Guys! Hurry, for Christ’s sake! Shit, Laci! What the … Step away! Somebody, call the ambulance Rami! Somebody please, call the ambulance Get something to put under… To put him on…
Gotta grab it like this! Don’t move the leg Okay! Hold it! Hold the leg!
Okay, you’re the last to lift, we carry the weight
Hold it! To three, one two three Oh shit! Carefully!! Roll the corners, so we can lift it. Laci, prepare! It’s gonna hurt a bit,
just a bit too much Wait wait wait Now, go! No problem, Laci, we take you to the hospital Is the car outside? To the door! Goddamit not this way! Just a sec, Laci! Say something! Wait, gotta put him down! Okay, once more! They’ll be here in a minute. Do it from about forty five degrees, looking down,
close up the bows from above… Oh no… The dust?
I really do hope that the impact didn’t scratch it. Nonono, don’t touch it with your finger. Look…
What happened? Dust it.. The panoramic is fucking ruined goddamit! I don’t know if it really is… Maybe it’s just a reflex The white spot or the little line? There is the white spot and there is the line too Well, the spot is almost gone. Looks better now! Okay, the little line remained, but it won’t be seen. What did you say about the angle? I told you it’s not to you to begin the line, I do begin my line, I told you not to begin instead of me, don’t replace me!
I told you. Ritu! Why are you scared? Come on. Let’s go My soul is a garden of blossom And each blossom I bring to you There’s a hundred confession in every flower, And infinity in each confession Rose confesses I will be faithful Feverfew confesses summer Forget me not, to forget me not Forget it not, I belong to you. Tomi! So tell me why. I’ve already told you why Tell me again then, maybe I can understand. Don’t you understand? No, I don’t. Suddenly you’ve become sooo ignorant. It’s so simple and easy! No matter what it may be, I don’t want this You dont want this crap. I’ve never said this. What you’ve said between the lines you don’t want this crap, right? Please, try not to overreact. What is so difficult to understand? I don’t want this to take too long…I just don’t want.. You can’t leave like this You can’t leave now when something got started. It’s you what I want. Got it?
You. And I don’t need memories, forget them. I want you because you are my last grip I want to hold on to. Everything I did I did for you. I thought it’d be clear to you that this is impossible. Then why was this all for? I am different. Oh my goodness, what are you talking about? I am talking about that I’m leaving tomorrow. You’re not going anywhere. Szulamit! Don’t you look at me this way… You’re so weak! I’ve always known it.
You’ll never be able to… To what? I know it hurts. The pressure of evolution. But this changes nothing. Don’t you understand? The memories I gave you are just as important for me
as they are to you. How dare you talk to me like that? You’re just sitting around in grief, because that’s all you got. Realize! Your world’s days are over. You’re lost! What are you talking about? Don’t you understand? I can’t believe it!
Do you really think that this is the problem between us? You never had a long wind for pressure. Please, you must remember! My Holy God! Why on earth do you come up with this shit again?
What’s wrong with my memories? Your memories? Memories of us! Don’t you be plural again, you scare the shit out of me.
You’re crazy! The one crazy here is you if you don’t understand it by now! We can’t change the process. If we don’t find the possible subjects, and prepare them
to transform, everything will perish. Liar! Not only the real world.
Shut up! What’s already on its way to perdition anyway, is but your soul. Leave me alone! You’ll be nothing but a simple biological being.
And you’ll serve us. Enough of this shit. Don’t you forget who took you here! Where would you be without me, hm? Where are your imaginary friends?
Fucking what! Do you wanna stiff me? Do you really think we have time for…that? Hell with you with all of your shit! Fuck! Don’t you move! Stay there! If I break my leg because of you… So what? Tell it straight! Oh shut the fuck up! Say it! I’m all ears! What’s your problem? You were eager to say something!
What? Come here and say it!
What? Do you think that we have time for this?
You have no idea! So what do we have time for? We should care about what’s more important, this is the third day we’re here, and we’ve done nothing. What makes you feel like you could question this? You never told me this before, never. Not a word.
What are you thinking? You just act like I never told you. Maybe you should have used your ears once in a while, so you could have heard what I was saying. You’ve never ever listened to me really. You’re a fucking selfish bastard. You’ve never done anything for me, nothing that
would be precious for me. Never. What are you trying to do? Blame me, or what?
what’s the point? Does it make you feel good? Talking to me like that? Yes.
That’s it. Do you get it? This was it. How dare you to talk to me like that? Don’t you get the point? It’s not about how we’re talking, but what we’re doing, right? What we’re doing! What we’re doing? You’re talking to me like I was a dog,
that’s what we’re doing. Because we’re in it and then you start playing the princess Look, your clothes aren’t even crumpled! We’re working here, doin’ our jobs, you see, here you are Get your share of work! You can be doing really nothing but talking!
Talking the shit out of me! Nobody ever! Got it?
Nobody! Never again!

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